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How To Restart Samsung Smart TV

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How To Restart Or Reboot A Samsung TV

How to Reset Samsung Smart TV

Smart home devices make our world a lot easier, but they also come with their fair share of frustrations. But there is nothing worse than looking forward to bringing your favorite content and your smart TV suddenly decides to stop working! Right now, were looking for some guidance on how to restart or reboot a Samsung TV.

Restarting your Samsung TV and rebooting your TV are two separate functions and are executed in different ways. While restarting a Samsung TV is a simple process, rebooting your TV is complex. Depending on which type of reboot you choose, this may impact your Samsung TVs content and settings.

It appears that we have more research to do to properly answer this question. What types of reboots are there, and what do we need to know about them to decide which one will address our problems? Lets get into it, starting with how to restart a Samsung TV!

How To Reset 2014

If you are using Samsung TV of the year 2014-2018, you have to follow these steps to reset it:

  • Press the Menu button on the remote
  • Then, find and select Support
  • After that, select Self Diagnosis
  • Select Reset and enter the PIN code.

Once you have completed these steps, your Samsung TV will be immediately reset. It is very important not to turn off the TV during the reset process. This process may take several minutes, and your TV may restart more than once.

How About Sound Resetting

With this option, you can restore your sound-related settings to their factory defaults.

This includes things like Balance, Equalizer changes, TV installation type , HDMI audio format, Audio delay, and Auto Volume.

If youve made manual adjustments to the sound settings but are dissatisfied with the results, you can use the Reset Sound option to revert to the TVs default sound settings, just as you can with the picture settings.

Resetting the sound settings has no effect on any other aspects of the televisions operation.

The default sound settings can be re-established by navigating to Settings, clicking on the Sound Settings icon, selecting Expert Settings, then selecting Reset Sound from the drop-down menu.

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How To Reset Hisense TV

If you are someone who wants the big screen without having to pay the big ticket prices, you may find yourself in a position of owning a Hisense TV. This brand offers buyers the ability to get a bigger screen with a sharp image, without having to pay outrageous amounts for basic functions. However, if those functions need a restart to move a bit more smoothly, there are a few specific steps owners can take to restart their device so it runs like new again.

To reset a Hisense TV, if you have a model that is 2013 or older, press and hold down the Exit key on your remote for 15 seconds so that the factory service menu is displayed. Once you see this menu, select Ok, turn the TV off, and allow it to sit for 20 seconds before turning it back on again.

How To Restart Samsung Smart TV

How to Factory Reset (Back to Original Settings) on Samsung Smart TV ...

Most smart devices come with exceptional features. Some features are exclusive to specific devices, while others are general. The same can be said about issues most smart device users encounter.

Some issues can be fixed easily with a simple restart, while for others, you will need a technician to evaluate and fix the problem. The Samsung Smart TV is not an exception some issues your smart TV might encounter will need you to either restart your TV or do a factory reset.

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Reset Samsung Smart TVs

You can reset your Samsung TV by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Menu area of your remote control.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu and press Enter.
  • Then, pick Support> Enter > Self Diagnosis> Enter to complete the process.
  • Now press the Reset key followed by entering.
  • Enter the security PIN in the appropriate field and press the Enter key.

If this does not solve the problem, you may want to try updating the firmware on your television, disabling and enabling the Sleep mode, or seeking technical assistance.

Clear Your Apps Cache And Data

How does clearing cache reset my apps?

Good question.

Put it this way.

We arent just clearing your apps cache, but also all of its data.

In effect, youre erasing everything thats stored on your app so it becomes brand new.

Now, what about cache?

Its actually similar to your brains memory.

For instance, say you had to take a certain route to get to Walmart.

The first time you do it, your pace is slower because most of the signs around you are unfamiliar.

As a result, it might take 30 minutes to reach your destination.

However, after taking the same route several times, it only takes you half the time to get there.


Because your brain remembers the route and stores info about the environment.

Therefore, it became much easier and quicker for you to get from point A to point B.

Cache works the same way.

The first time you fire an app or a site on your browser, its pace is slightly slower.

But after a while, it stores data and remembers the images or media on the platform.

In effect, the app or webpage loads much faster.

Because cache is also stored app data, restarting your apps also means clearing it.

In fact, its one reason why apps dont work on your Samsung TV.

So, heres how to restart an app by clearing its cache:

  • Go to your Samsung TVs Settings menu.
  • Tap Support.
  • Select Show App List under Manage Storage.
  • Highlight the app you want to restart.
  • Press the down arrow button on your remote.
  • Tap View Details.
  • Heres how its done:

  • Select Remove.
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    What Is The Best Way To Locate The Pin For My Samsung Smart TV

    Samsung Smart TVs are protected by a four-digit security PIN, which is set by default to 0000. If, on the other hand, you have altered this PIN, the newly formed PIN will be accepted everywhere it is required.Alternatively, if you have forgotten your PIN after updating it, you may need to reset your own pin.

    How To Reset Your Samsung Smart TV To Resolve Issues

    Samsung Smart TV: How to Reset Network (Problems with WiFi? Weak or No Signal )

    If your Samsung smart TV is misbehaving, you can restart various settings and the TV itself to try to get things back on track.

    Though Samsung’s smart TVs are generally high quality and reliable, you might sometimes encounter issues. Perhaps an app has frozen, you can’t hear anything, or the picture is distorted. Well, have you tried turning it off and on?

    Though that adage can be a joke, you’d be surprised at how often resetting your Samsung smart TV can resolve issues. We’re going to show you how to reset your Samsung TV to varying degrees.

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    How To Reset Your Samsung TV Without A Pin Code

    Whenever you try to perform a factory reset on your Samsung TV, you will be asked for a 4-digit PIN code. This code is used as a safety measure to stop others from performing a reset on your TV.

    As mentioned previously, performing a factory reset on your TV will result in all of your user data getting deleted. This data will include any applications you have installed in the past, customized settings, login credentials, and more.

    Upon completing the reset process, you will have to re-enter your personal information again, such as entering your Wi-Fi password, logging in to your Samsung account, re-installing applications, and logging into those applications. Its a real hassle so it is recommended that you change your PIN code from the default code 0000.

    The following guide will show you how to bypass the PIN code.

  • First, switch your TV off using the remote.
  • Remember to keep the remote aimed at the TV during the following steps.
  • Press the following buttons in succession: Info > Menu > Mute > Power.
  • Depending on the model, the above combination may not always work. If so, you can try this sequence: Mute > 8 > 2 > 4 > Power.
  • The TV will switch on, and after a couple of seconds, it will display a menu.
  • In this menu, go to Options and select Factory Reset.
  • Confirm your selection, and the TV will perform a factory reset.
  • Diagnose Picture Issues Using The Picture Test

    Use the Picture Test to determine if picture problems are being caused by the TV itself or something else. The Picture Test displays a high definition photo that you can examine for flaws or faults. When the TV has trouble with the picture, these steps may help resolve the problem.

  • Open Settings, and select Support.

  • Select Device Care, and then select Self Diagnosis.

    Note: On some models, select Support and then select Self Diagnosis.

  • Select Start Picture Test. Look at the screen for any problems, and use the on-screen instructions to complete the picture test.

  • If the test photo is displayed properly, there may be a problem with an external connected device. Check the connections, the signal strength, or refer to the external device’s user manual.

    Note: If the picture test does not appear or you see an issue with the photo, the TV may have a problem. ContactSamsung Support for assistance.

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    Switch To Another App

    The easiest way to restart a Samsung TV app is to simply open a different app. As with most smart TV operating systems, Samsungs Tizen OS only keeps a single app open at once. When a new app opens, its supposed to close the previous one.

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote.
  • Select an app other than the one you are trying to restart.
  • Wait for the app to fully launch.
  • Press the Home button again.
  • Select the app you were trying to restart.
  • This process works in most cases. However, Ive seen it fail when apps crash during the startup process. Fortunately, weve still got plenty of other tools left in our toolbox.

    Is There A Restart Button On My Samsung TV

    How to Reset a Samsung TV

    Is There a Restart Button On My Samsung TV? To reset a Samsung TV, you need to first find the power button, which is usually located on the side or the bottom of the TV. If you cannot locate the power button, you can go to the Settings menu and choose General. You should also check the User Manual to see if there is a reset button for your model.

    Using the reset button on your television may be necessary if it has lost its Internet connection. There are several ways to do this. Sometimes, a Samsung TV may need to refresh its network settings. To do this, navigate to the Settings menu and select the General tab. Once you are in the settings page, click the Reset Network option. Then, restart your television. This should restore the network settings and get your Internet working again.

    Reseting the TV is a simple process that can fix many issues. First, try unplugging the power adaptor. After that, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in. If the problem persists, you can also try a factory data reset. This will wipe all personal settings, apps, and Google accounts from the TV. You can then reconnect it to your home network to start using its new settings.

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    How To Reset Older Samsung TV

    If you are using older Samsung TV, you have to follow these steps to reset it:

    • At first, press and hold the Exit button on the remote for 12 seconds
    • After these 12 seconds the Factory Reset window will appear
    • Select OK and wait until the reset process is completed.

    Once the reset process is completed, the TV will turn off.

    Resetting your Samsung Smart TV is a simple process. The reset option can be found at the bottom of the General menu, under the Settings menu. Note that you will be prompted to enter the PIN code to complete the reset process.

    Furthermore, restarting the TV will delete any custom settings you have made for the TV. The TV will restart with the default settings that were set when you purchased it.

    How To Reset Lg TV

    There are general resetting procedures for smart TVs across the board, but if you know the brand of your TV and want the specific restart instructions for it, you may have to take a few different steps to get through this process. For those of you with an LG TV, you may find yourself needing to restart your device to resolve a few issues within its system and if this is the case for you, take a look below to find the specific steps to restarting an LG smart TV.

    To reset an LG TV, press and hold the power button on the TV for 10 seconds, select Menu from the display > General> Settings> General> Reset> Reset Option> Confirm> then enter the password you have individually changed or the pin of 0000 which comes preset.

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    Is There A Way To Restart My Samsung Frame Television If It Wont Turn On

    To begin, unplug all of the cables from the television and press and hold the Power button on the remote control for up to 10 seconds.Following that, you must wait a few seconds before pressing the Power button a second time. In the event that it blinks and then does not turn on, there is a problem with the power source or the power connection plugged in.

    How Do I Reboot My TV

    How To Factory Reset Your Samsung TV

    If your TV has been running slowly, you may have to reboot it. Resetting your television will take it back to factory settings, which means you will lose any personalized settings, app log-ins, and other features you may have put in. All operations and functions will begin from scratch, and you may not want to try this unless youre sure youve done everything else. This method should be reserved for emergencies only.

    The first thing to try before resetting your TV is checking your router. Its possible that the TVs network connection is the cause of the issue. Disconnect your TV from the WiFi for a moment, then reconnect. If the problem persists, you may need to reboot your TV. If it suddenly turns off, it may be time to try a factory reset. If your Samsung TV has lost all of its settings, it may need to be reset again to fix the issue.

    Your television may also have a software problem. To perform a hard reset, unplug it from the wall. Once unplugged, hold the power button for 30 seconds. Your TV should reboot and the screen should be black. Once this step is completed, you should be able to access the main menu once again. If not, you may want to call Samsung TV support and get them to troubleshoot the problem.

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    How To Factory Reset Everything On Your Samsung TV

    You can completely reset your TV to factory settings. This means restoring everything to default, like it was when you first turned it on . The only thing that won’t reset are your network settings.

    If there are any settings that you want to retain, you should note down the values so that you can manually apply them once the reset is completethere’s no way to pick what to reset and what to keep.

    The process to perform a factory reset depends on your Samsung TV model. Try both procedures below to see which works for you.

  • Open Settings.
  • From the left menu, select General.
  • On the main pane, scroll down and select Reset.
  • You may be prompted for your PIN. If you don’t remember setting one, the default is 0000.
  • Select Yes to confirm the factory reset.
  • Alternatively:

  • From the left menu, select Support.
  • On the main pane, select Self Diagnosis.
  • Select Reset.
  • You may be prompted for your PIN. If you don’t remember setting one, the default is 0000.
  • Select Yes to confirm the factory reset.
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    How Do I Factory Reset My Samsung

    If you have a Samsung TV, you may want to know how to Factory Reset it. If youve lost your remote, this can be done to reset your TV back to factory settings. To perform a factory reset on a Samsung television, you must enter a password or personal identification number for your television. The default PIN for Samsung televisions is 0000. If you dont remember your PIN, you can try restoring it to factory default by pressing 0000 on the remote.

    To do this, you should turn the TV off and on again. Once the device has been turned off, you need to hold down the power button for 30 seconds to clear the memory cache and start the reset process. This process can take as long as 15 minutes depending on the model of your television. Remember that before you begin the factory reset process, make sure youve backed up any important settings on your TV before you proceed.

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    Diagnose Sound Issues Using The Sound Test

    If your TV is having audio problems, you can run a Sound Test to find out the cause of the issue.

  • Open Settings, and select Support.

  • Select Device Care.

    Note: On some models select Support instead.

  • Select Self Diagnosis, and then select Start SoundTest. The Sound Test will begin.

  • If you still hear a problem in the Sound Test, select Yes. Otherwise, select No. If there is a problem, you will be asked to contact Samsung Support. Be ready to provide the on-screen information to the support agent.

  • The Sound Test plays a melody to help determine if there is an issue with the TV speakers. If the melody plays without issue, there may be an issue with a connected external device. Check the connections or refer to the external device’s user manual. For additional help with audio issues, check out Samsung TV has low or no audio.

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