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Where To Get Rid Of Old TV In Indianapolis

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Turn Your Old Indianapolis Electronics Into Cash

Recycling an old TV? It could cost you

Hey Indianapolis! Let We Buy I.T. make an offer to buy your used Indianapolis electronics, before you recycle your electronics waste. From laptops, desktops, cell phones, servers, network equipment, Apple & MAC desktops and laptops, etc from individual to corporate makes no difference, we will turn your electronic waste into money.

We Buy Old Electronics in Indianapolis!

A Social Enterprise Focused On The Re

RecycleForce is a 5013 that is committed to reducing crime through employment and job training, while improving the environment through electronics recycling. Since 2006, RecycleForce has safely recycled more than 65 million pounds of electronic waste while providing job training to thousands of returning citizens.

Ways To How To Dispose Of Old TV For Free

  • Recycling Your TV
  • Donating or Selling Your TV
  • Transporting Your TV

How to Dispose of Old TV for Free : Recycling Your TV

YOu can not leave old TVs and electronic devices outside for garbage pickup, because they contain hazardous materials. Many companies also have rules to disposal them. However, waste disposal companies offer paying customers the service of dropping off old TVs at recycling site. It is required to show a drivers license or bill to gain access to the site. These centers accept TVs and e-waste items, like small appliances, cameras, cell phones, scanners, CD players, photocopiers, etc.

Check out a recycling program. Cities and towns provide pick-up options for electronics and other large items. Cities sometimes pick up old and extremely heavy TVs from home to the disposal site. Check town or countys website for more information. Recycling center in town are there to specifically deal with electronic waste and drop off old TV. Ensure the recycling program chosen is E-Steward certified to be confident to qualify to handle hazardous waste found in television sets.

BestBuy / OLX are major retailers that pick up and recycle old TVs. They charge a fee for their service. They limit getting rid of 2 TVs per family per day. Unfortunately, BestBuy doesnt accept all TVs, especially those which are super big. Call the store to check and qualify. Drop the old TV off at the store to avoid paying haul-away fee.

How to Dispose of Old TV for Free : Transporting Your TV

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Computer Recycling In Indianapolis In

Experts say that the accumulation of old computer units is detrimental to the environment because of its harmful and toxic contents. They say that there is a need to ensure proper recycling so that these would not cause harm on humans and the environment. Indianapolis Computer Recycling will do the job for you because we have the expertise, the needed government certifications, and the technology to take care of your old computers. Contact us for you to experience the best Computer Recycling Center Solutions available today.

Where To Get Rid Of An Old TV In Indianapolis In

FREE TV Recycling in Hendricks County!

There are certain times of the year where you can find unbeatable deals on electronics like TVs. The Holidays and Presidents Day are definitely times of the year where you can get a great deal on a new TV. So, if you went shopping this past weekend for a new TV, you might be wondering about where to get rid of an old TV in Indianapolis IN. At Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, we specialize in TV removal and recycling in Indianapolis. Keep reading for a list of where to get rid of an old TV in Indianapolis IN.

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Recycleforce Helps People Dispose Of Electronics Without Hurting Environment

Grab your hard hat, were disassembling electronics with the team from RecycleForce today as part of our month-long celebration of Earth Day.

Crista Carlino, director of development & communications, and Rob Smith, warehouse manager, joined us Monday to share the importance of recycling electronic waste, how to prep items for recycling, how RecycleForce ensures data is destroyed, how you can get your electronics to the RecycleForce team and more!

On Saturday April 23rd, in honor of Earth Day, all Marion County residents will be able to bring their electronic items to a drop off location at Krannert Park from 9am 2pm. Items containing Freon, like refrigerators and air conditioners will not be accepted at this event, but can be brought to the RecycleForce warehouse at 1255 Roosevelt Avenue from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The goal of the event is to educate the community on ways both businesses and private citizens can ensure their electronic waste is recycled and not in a landfill with the Earth Day Heroes at RecycleForce.

For more information visit or call:

Places To Recycle Your TV

There are a couple of places to recycle a TV in Indianapolis. The companies listed below offer DROP OFF SERVICE. Some are free and others charge a small fee.

Indianapolis Eastside- CRTs and LCD, LED AND PLASMA TVS Greenwave recycling

Drop off location: 333 South Franklin Road Indianapolis 46219 dock door #30 We are in the back behind Just add water storage Days and times: Monday Friday 9:00 to 3:00 pm ONLY Do not drop off outside of those times Our staff will help you unload: Go to the door next to ramp at dock door 30 and ask for help There is a FEE for TVS and Monitors All Screens are $20.00 each

Noblesville- End of life electronics 15529 Stony Creek Way 46060

They do have public drop off but YOU MUST CALL 317-849-7314 FOR AN APPOINTMENT and to get a price!! You can also use the contact form

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Tires Plain And Simple

Terry T. said: Tires?

Response: Whole tires actually cannot be disposed of in landfills, Circular Indiana said. Indiana law requires businesses that sell new tires to accept old tires for proper disposal. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has more information on how to dispose of old tires, and has lists of registered processors that cut, shred or grind tires.

Why Book Loadup For Indianapolis Electronics Disposal

TV & Electronics : How to Dispose of an Old TV

Old electronics can sure pile up at home or your business when you upgrade to computers or finally replace the television that has been on the fritz for a while. Electronic disposal doesnt have to be complicated when you rely on professionals that are experienced in eco-friendly disposal. We work hard to simplify hauling away all your unwanted televisions, digital instruments, computers, monitors and other items. Whether its just one thing or an entire office, weve got it handled.

Eco-friendly disposal

At LoadUp, were proud of the 3 million pounds of junk weve kept out of the landfill and that number is only growing. LoadUp is the perfect solution for your electronic recycling needs. Well come as soon as tomorrow to haul any size computer, TV, or other old e-waste for recycling, donation and responsible disposal to help you keep up Indianapolis, IN clean.


Unsure how you got a huge television in your house back in the day and need help with making it fit out through your door? LoadUp offers disassembly as a low-cost add-on service to simplify your Indianapolis electronics pickup. When booking, click on the add-on and our Loaders will come with the tools in hand to tackle it all and take any electronic apart for you.

Electronics disposal Indianapolis IN

Rate & review

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Old TVs And Other Electronics

Michael C. said: The cost and the hassle to recycle the old TVs. We need a better and easier way to recycle the big heavy TVs. I see them all the time dumped along roadways. Not only an eyesore but not recycled to help the environment.

Response: TVs are actually very difficult to recycle, according to Circular Indiana, formerly known as the Indiana Recycling Coalition and the process is very costly, which is why there is a fee. Electronic waste, like old TVs, can contain toxic materials that can be dangerous to human health. Additionally, these items are mixed-materials that need to be separated. Indiana has a ban on throwing electronic waste in the trash, and people can be fined for not recycling them.

The best way to dispose of these items is to take them to one of the citys electronic recyclers. For a small fee, folks can drop off their electronics at RecycleForce‘s Windsor Park facility during regular work hours Monday through Friday or at Technology Recyclers on the east side during weekdays from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Does South Side Landfill Provide Unloading Service

South Side Landfill will provide pull-off service for an additional charge. For a pull-off, the customer provides an attachment to their load . Then the South Side Landfill equipment operator will allow the customer to attach their chain or cable to the heavy equipment so we can pull. The customer must sign a release of liability. Success of the pull-off is the responsibility of the customer.

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Full Service Computer Liquidator And Secure Data Destruction

STS Electronic Recycling is an Certified electronics recycling and computer asset liquidation company. Being a certified recycling company means we understand the full life cycle of I.T. assets from the time you receive your new equipment to the time it achieves end of life status. Picking the right time to liquidate or recycle computer related electronics is important in order to receive the highest value from the sales or liquidation process.Contact STS today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hard drive and data destruction are essential when recycling obsolete/unwanted computers and electronic equipment. STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., guarantees data destruction in compliance with NIST data destruction recomendations. Protecting personal/business data can save you money and safeguard against improper data destruction and potential data theft. STS Electronic Recycling offers hard drive destruction tracking and an official certificate of data destruction for clients choosing to recycle their unwanted computers and electronics. Data destruction processes exceed Department of Defense requirements.

Throwing Electronics In The Trash Is Illegal

Appliance Recycling and Disposal Indianapolis

Not only is recycling electronics responsible, in Indiana, its actually illegal to dispose of them in any other way. Indiana passed a law in 2011 that prohibited local households, public schools, or small businesses from throwing away electronics.

Throwing away includes burning or mixing electronics with the municipal waste, since most of the municipal waste is later disposed of in landfills. This would, of course, contribute to the depletion of our natural resources and be hazardous to our health.

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Get Rid Of Old Electronics And TVs During A June 25 Event In Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS Maybe its an old TV or a computer that no longer works.

Maybe its an old tablet or a phone thats seen better days.

No matter the case, you can get rid of some unwanted or obsolete electronic devices during an upcoming event.

The Indianapolis Department of Environmental Management and Technology Recyclers are collecting unwanted electronics and electronic waste in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday, June 25. The event runs from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Indiana Government Center on Robert D. Orr Plaza.

Overflowing recycling bin prompts call for change

Items can be dropped off by car or in person. Accepted items include TVs, cables and wiring, cell phones, computer towers, monitors, printers and more.

There is a $20 fee for any TV or cathode-ray tube monitor. Payments are accepted via cash, check or credit card. Theres no fee for other items.

Heres the complete list of accepted items:

  • All cables and wiring
  • Computer peripherals
  • Computer towers

Recycle Your TV Dont Dump It

Please Recycle your TV. Dumping it in the trash is illegal and TVs have harmful metals that could end up in our water supply. By recycling your TV, you help the environment, wildlife and yourself.

If you are getting a new TV, i can install it for you and even safely dispose of your old one for a fee. See TV installer for Indianapolis

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What Types Of Electronic Equipment And Computer Parts Are Recyclable

STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., offers a full electronics recycling service. At STS we recycle a full range of electronic equipment.

What about recycling old electronics?

STS Electronic Recycling Inc. offers ABSOLUTELY FREE solutions to your business, school or individual computer, pc, laptop or electronics recycling needs. If data security is an issue, we offer free data destruction meeting HIPAA and NIST standards. We are equiped to handle any size job, with more than 150,000 sq. feet of recycling facility no job is too large. For more information about how STS can aid your school, business, organization or just to recycle your personal computer free of charge please contact us at 589 3705 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Electronic Drop Off Events

Hyacinth’s Desperate to Get Rid of Onslow and Her Sisters | Keeping Up Appearances

Over the years, Technology Recyclers has been proud to offer drop off events. We raise awareness for computer electronics recycling, and offer a one-stop option for unloading all your unused electronics. These events for local residents recycle thousands of pounds of electronics that might otherwise be dumped into landfills.

Weve held community drop off events in Fishers, Carmel, and Brownsburg, just to name a few. This allows us to spend up to six hours in our residential communities, making our world a safer place.

In the last 8 years, weve held over 130 community recycling events. We look forward to playing an even bigger role in our community service this year.

Year after year, our business continues to see growth in the amount of hazardous electronics we recycle. These numbers continue to rise as we partner with you to reduce the disposal of harmful electronics.

With your help, we were able to recycle millions of pounds of electronic waste last year. Thats a huge amount of waste that spares landfills across the country from electronic waste. It is also recycled back into the market where the materials are reused.

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Not Your Average Trucks

The services we offer are state-of-the-art, and it all starts with the trucks that arrive on call. We have our own corporate pickup and disposal trucks and offer scheduled pickups for whatever time and place is most convenient for you.

You might have seen us drive around the area were hard to miss. One of the favorite features of our business in our community is our bright pickup trucks, which are blue, green, and orange. In addition to our trucks, we even have bright colored wraps on our buses that travel through the city. We believe that recycling is not just something were responsible for, its also fun. Its one more way in which we can go the extra mile to serve you in the best way possible.

Question : How Does We Will Buy It Now Assist In This This Difficult Situation That Corporations Face In The Disposition Of Their Used Computer \ Technology Equipment

With over 25 years experience in the acquisition \ purchase, and sale of used computer \ technology equipment We Will Buy It Now have the ability to quickly and fairly purchase your used Corporate surplus computer technological equipment. With our vast experience in the purchase \ disposition \ liquidation of used computer assets, We Will Buy It Now in Indianapolis is the best and only answer to your Corporate asset recovery needs.

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What About Household Appliances

Household appliances, also called white goods, are divided into two groups depending on whether they are/were Freon containing appliances. Freon containing appliances are things like refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. The rates for Freon containing appliances are also divided into two groups. If they still contain Freon, or if the Freon has been removed but the appliance has not been tagged and certified, they will be charged at the higher rate. The lower rate is only for Freon containing appliances that have been evacuated, tagged and certified. Other appliances are charged at our normal rates.

Reducing Recidivism Through Workforce Development

Scrap Metal Recycling

RecycleForce creates a stronger civil society and increases public safety through job creation and recycling. This makes a positive impact on the environment, local and state economies, communities, and the lives of hundreds of formerly incarcerated men and women along with their families.

Learn more about workforce training >

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Now Accepting Residential Drop Offs

DO NOT PAY to drop off Electronics and computer items We take them for FREE We are now accepting drop offs from individuals at our facility location in indy as well as our neighborhood events. This is in addition to our corporate FREE pick up program.We are pleased to offer this benefit for individuals needing to dispose of electronics and computer gear. We utilize our same high quality destruction process that guarantees data destruction with safe, ethical, legal and certified disposal. WE are100% landfill free, so when you drop at our locations, you are saving the earth, and supporting us at the Official sponsors of Tomorrow

The Rules: Please obey some simple rules, so this service can be offered without interruption. Payments can be made either by cash or check or Credit Card

Drop off location: 8401 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219 Days and times: Monday Friday 9:00 to 3:00 pm ONLY Do not drop off outside of those times. If the fence is closed, do not drop. Our staff will help you unload: You will see a yellow sign on where to drop off. If you cannot come into the office, please call 800-237-3887

There is a FEE for TVS and Monitors -All Screens are $20. each any kind, size ore weight.

Payments can be made either by cash or check or Credit Card

Items not accepted: Wood, Chemicals, Paint, Clothing, furniture, tires, consumer waste or garbage.

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