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How To Add Live TV To Hulu

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Whats On Hulu Streaming Library

How to use and get started on Hulu with Live TV 2021

Readers want to know whats on Hulu. Of course, the Hulu Live TV service will offer all the shows on the networks the service carries. As for their streaming library, there are a ton. There are original shows like The Handmaids Tale, Pen15, Shrill, and . Check out our ranking of the best Hulu Originals for more info on Hulus original programming.

There are network and cable TV hits like This Is Us, The Good Doctor, Fargo, Law and Order SVU, Impractical Jokers, and more.

There are too many shows available to list here. If you want to know what to watch on Hulu, check out all the shows and movies available.

In addition to the latest network TV episodes, Hulu provides thousands of episodes of hit TV shows on cable. Granted, many are on a one-season delay. Meaning Hulu wont air a season until its roughly a year old. However, there are a few exceptions. If this is a concern, you may want to look into the Hulu Live TV service, which includes a cloud DVR for recording shows.

Hulu also has an arsenal of original programming. Shows like The Handmaids Tale and Harlots are only available on Hulu, adding additional value to the service.

In addition to a vast library of TV shows, Hulu also offers a decent selection of movies. You can check on Hulus Website to see what is new every month on Hulu.

Hulu: Is There A Free Trial

Oh yes! And its a doozy. If you want to try the Hulu basic or its Hulu equivalent, youre entitled to a 30-days free trial, which gives you a month to explore the platforms thrillingly diverse programming. Note that the free trial is only available to new members or eligible returning customers .

Meanwhile, Hulu + Live TV plan provides a 7-day free trial before you have to pay a thing. Cancel before the week is up to avoid being charged, or do nothing to keep your subscription active.

How To Get Hulu + Live TV On Roku

To stream Hulu + Live TV on Roku, users first need to sign up for a Hulu + Live TV account, which begins with a 7-day free trial. They also need to purchase a Roku device that supports the Hulu + Live TV app and ensure the device has the latest software and operating system downloaded. The Roku device needs to be plugged into a TV set and connected to the internet.

Follow this five-step process to get Hulu + Live TV streaming on a Roku device:

  • The first step to streaming Hulu + Live TV on a Roku device is to create an account with Hulu. To do that, visit the Hulu website from a web browser and select the Start Your Free Trial button in the middle of the page. On the next page, choose the Select button underneath the Hulu + Live TV option, then complete the sign-up form by providing details like a name, password, birth date, ZIP code, and gender, and select Continue. Provide billing details, which can either be a credit card or a PayPal account, and select the Submit button to complete the sign-up process.
  • Turn on the Roku device and the TV set by pressing the Home button on the Roku devices remote control.
  • The Hulu + Live TV will start downloading and, when complete, will appear on the Roku home screen. Use the Roku remote control to navigate to the app and open it by pressing the remotes OK button.
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    How Many Shows Can You Watch At Once With Hulu Live TV

    Streaming services like Hulu place a limit on how many shows you can watch at one time, using the same account, on different devices. Each show is referred to as a stream because the show is watched via streaming.

    A regular Hulu subscription only allows a single stream, but Hulu with Live TV bumps that up to two simultaneous streams. That means you can watch a live or on-demand show on your computer, and someone else can watch a different show on their phone at the same time using the same account.

    If you require the ability to watch more than two shows at once, Hulu with Live TV offers that as an optional add-on.

    Hulu With Live TV In A Nutshell

    YouTube TV vs. Hulu

    In essence, Hulu with Live TV is the services well-known streaming catalog bundled with, well, live TV service. You get a cloud-based DVR for up to 50 hours of recording time, plus a number of sports, news, and entertainment channels. If youre looking for more information, you can check out our review here.

    Its important to note that Hulu divides its app support into those current and Classic Hulu apps. The older, Classic app is typically still supported on aging devices and still provides access to Hulus streaming library, but you can access live TV or most of the premium add-ons. So for this guide, were going to focus on the current app.

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    Hulu Explained What Is Hulu And Hulu + Live TV

    As you’d also learn from our full Hulu review, a basic Hulu subscription grants you instant access to over 2,500 films and 1,650 TV series. This includes original series and movies from Hulu in addition to content from major networks like ABC, AMC, Comedy Central, VH1, FX, Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel, plus new episodes of hit TV shows a day after airing.

    Upgrade to the ad-free plan for $6 more and youll endure fewer interruptions . You can also bolt-on extras to your basic plan to make it fit your viewing needs better. Unlimited Screens, for example, lets you share your account with any number of people as long as theyre connected to your home network. And, if you want, you can add Premium channels like HBO Max or Showtime for an extra fee.

    For those missing the eclectic diversity of traditional cable, then a Hulu + Live TV subscription will grant you more than 65 channels without breaking the bank. Youll get news and sports , reality TV and documentaries, scripted comedy and drama, lifestyle programming, and much more. Thats on top of the thousands of hours of on-demand content that comes with a Hulu basic plan. Youll also benefit from Hulus Cloud DVR, which lets you record up to 50 hours of live television.

    The same Hulu basic extras are available with a Hulu + Live TV plan. Additionally, you can purchase the Enhanced Cloud DVR to increase your storage to 200 hours, or bolster your line-up with the Entertainment Network and Español Network Add-ons.

    Can You Watch Hulu + Live TV On Older Amazon Fire TV Stick Models

    In addition to Amazon Fire TV Stick, Hulu + Live TV is also available on current Amazon Fire TV devices. This includes the Amazon Fire TV Cube, Amazon Fire TV Recast, and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

    However, Hulu + Live TV isnt compatible with older Amazon Fire TV devices, such as:

    • Kindle Fire HDX and HDX WAN
    • Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and 8.9 WAN
    • Fire
    • Fire HD 8
    • Fire HD 8
    • Fire HD 10
    • Fire HDX 8.9 and 8.9 WAN

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    Which Premium Channels And Add

    Hulu Live has all of the premium channels you need to add to your subscription conveniently. Talk about getting everything all in one place.

    And these are the typical prices for premium channels for most streaming, cable, and satellite services.


    *Data effective 1/25/2021.

    The Español add-on lets you watch news, sports, and shows in Spanish. The channels youll get with this add-on are the following:

    • CNN en Español
    • History Channel en Español
    • NBC Universo

    And the Entertainment add-on gives you a nice variety of cooking, lifestyle, and reality TV channels. The channels youll get with this add-on are the following:

    • American Heroes Channel
    • Science

    What Is Hulu Plus Live TV

    How To Use Hulu Live TV For Complete Beginners

    Hulu Plus Live TV is the most popular provider in the growing live video streaming market, with more than four million subscribers. It provides access to both live TV channels and a wide range of on-demand movies and shows.

    It is the over-the-top offering from Hulu, a streaming service that launched back in 2008 as a joint ABC and FOX venture to take their programming to on-demand audiences. Hulu is now owned by The Walt Disney Company and has more than 80 million subscribers. The service launched Hulu Plus Live TV in May 2017 it was formed as part of a joint streaming venture between 21st Century Fox and The Walt Disney Company.

    Hulu Plus Live TV is a great option for families and sports fans. Its even our top ranked streaming service for sports.

    No streaming service is perfect and Hulu Plus Live TV is no exception. At a cost of $64.99 per month, you may be expecting more DVR storage than 50 hours. But to get more than 50 hours of storage, youll need to pay $9.99 more per month. Also, the $64.99 price is not ad-free. You can get Hulu Plus Live TV ad-free for an additional $6 per month. Without adding any premium channels, you could be up to a cost of $80.99 per month if you want more DVR storage and an ad-free experience.

    Get 65+ channels along with a library of 8,000+ on-demand titles! Bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ for even more great content.

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    Hulu Plus Live TV Plans And Pricing

    Yes Yes

    Compared to its competitors, Hulu Plus Live TV is averagely priced among other live streaming services. At $64.99/mo., it offers live channels, Hulus full on-demand library, and 50 hours of DVR storage.

    Hulu Plus Live TV offers add-ons for extra DVR storage which cost an extra $10/mo. and premium channels which cost various prices. This is similar to services like Sling or fuboTV which offer a similar process for premium channels through package tiers or add ons. Other services like Philo offer unlimited DVR storage included in their monthly subscription price. However, these services may have a storage time limit or fewer channels overall. Check out more with our full breakdown of Hulu packages and pricing.

    Hulu With Live TV Explained: What Is It And What Channels Can You Watch

    Tune into your favorite channels with Hulu with Live TV

    Alongside its thousands upon thousands of award-winning and critically acclaimed TV shows and movies, Hulu also provides customers with a cable-cutting alternative that endeavors to be more affordable than heftily priced cable packages. The Hulu with Live TV plan offers popular US channels that you can tune into live, as well as its aforementioned quality on-demand content, including popular titles like The Handmaid’s Tale and Palm Springs.

    With numerous boxsets to blitz through, as well as captivating Hulu Originals exclusive to the platform, Hulu with Live TV boasts an additional 75+ live channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, the CW, ESPN, Lifetime, and more.

    Throwing in the best news channels, sports coverage, and a barrel of entertainment for the kids, Hulu with Live TV will tick many boxes for American subscribers. You can even choose to customize your plan with add-ons, such as HBO Max.

    Want to know more? Keep reading for our full explainer on what you get when subscribing to the Hulu with Live TV plan.

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    What Is Hulu + Live TV

    Hulu + Live TV is a streaming service that makes it possible for you to cut the cable cord for good.

    For a monthly fee of $64.99/mo , you get immediate access to Hulus on-demand and Original content library as well as live TV from the over 60 of the most popular channels.

    Your subscription also comes with your own cloud-DVR with 50 hours, which can be upgraded for more space, and two simultaneous screens, or streams, per account. All you need is a solid Internet connection and a compatible device. Theres also the option to upgrade your subscription by adding on specific channels or adding unlimited simultaneous streaming.

    Unlike traditional cable or satellite TV, Hulu + Live TV can be cancelled at any time. You can continue to watch until the billing cycle is completed. You can learn more about the streaming service in our Hulu + Live TV review.

    A Popular Comprehensive Cable TV Alternative

    Hulu Live TV: Network Apps &  Websites Subscribers Can ...

    Jeremy Laukkonen is automotive and tech writer for numerous major trade publications as well as the creator of a popular blog and video game startup. A fan of EVs since the early 2000s, he stays up-to-date on the myriad complex systems that power battery electric vehicles.

    Hulu + Live TV is an extension of Hulu’s existing on-demand service that adds live streaming television to the mix. The biggest difference between Hulu with Live TV and other streaming services is that Hulu provides access to a massive library of on-demand content, and the biggest difference between Hulu and cable is that for Hulu to work, you need to have a high-speed internet connection and a compatible device instead of just television.

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    What Internet Speed Is Required For Hulu With Live TV

    Hulu is capable of lowering the video quality of a stream based on the quality of the viewer’s internet speed, so it is possible to watch shows on Hulu without great internet. If you encounter a playback error with Hulu, it’s usually easy to fix. However, Hulu does recommend some minimum download speeds if you want to experience the best possible picture quality:

    • On-demand shows and movies: 1.5+ Mbps for standard definition video, and 3+ Mbps for high definition video.
    • Live television: 8+ Mbps for a single stream, and additional bandwidth to view multiple streams.

    What Channels Do You Get With Hulu + Live TV

    Unlike many of its competitors that offer several different subscription options, Hulu + Live TV keeps it simple with just one basic package.

    And its a pretty solid one.

    For $64.99 per month, Hulu + Live TV includes dozens of channels and access to the providers entire streaming library. For an additional $5.99 per month, you can watch ad-free.

    Youll want to visit the website to confirm local channel availability by entering your ZIP code. Where I live, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC affiliate stations are included with a Hulu + Live TV subscription.

    are not included thats because of contract disputes with a channel provider.)

    Team Clark has assembled a searchable list of Hulu + Live TVs channel offerings.

    • STARZ

    Disney+ and ESPN+ Bundle

    If you enjoy the Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel content mashup that is Disney+, you may want to consider maximizing your streaming dollar with a bundle.

    Hulu has a popular bundle that features its on-demand service, Disney+ and the ESPN+ sports subscription service for $13.99 per month.

    But many people dont realize that Hulu + Live TV customers also can get in on the fun. You can get all three of the services mentioned above, plus the base Hulu + Live TV service for $72.99 per month.

    This bundle allows you to add Disney+ and ESPN+ to your Hulu + Live TV experience for just $8 per month.

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    Which Devices Can I Use

    As listed on Hulus website, Hulu and Hulu + Live TV are available on a wide range of popular streaming devices, including both Android and iOS devices, Roku, Apple TV, , Fire tablets, devices, Android TV, , Mac, and PC browsers, select LG and Samsung smart TV platforms, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and more. For gamers, Hulu + Live TV is now available on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

    Some older platforms and devices, however, like the PlayStation 3, are still missing out on the full-fledged Hulu experience, and thats unlikely to change as consumers get pressured to upgrade. Others stuck on the classic Hulu app include select Vizio TVs, Wii U, TiVo, and some Blu-ray players from Sony, Samsung, and LG.

    How To Watch Hulu With Live TV On Amazon Fire Stick

    Hulu Live TV add-ons, hulu plans and hulu Networks

    Cord-cutters can live stream more than 90 channels and enjoy on-demand movies and TV shows on the Hulu + Live TV service. The live streaming service, also referred to as Hulu + Live TV can be watched on users TV sets through streaming media devices like Amazon Fire Stick.

    Hulu + Live TV enables users to watch a range of popular channels around the clock, from entertainment and lifestyle channels through to news and sports networks. It also offers users the option to watch content from the Hulu on-demand library of movies and TV shows and add popular premium channels like Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, and STARZ. The Hulu + Live TV service starts at $64.99/mo., which includes commercials on all content, or users can remove commercials from Hulu on-demand content for $70.99/mo.

    Amazon Fire TV is a range of streaming devices that enables cord-cutters to watch services like Hulu + Live TV on their TV. A popular device in that family is the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which plugs directly into a TVs HDMI port and enables users to download apps for their favorite streaming services. The Fire TV Stick features a powerful algorithm that helps to offer users a personalized viewing experience, and newer models include Alexa voice commands. It supports content in up to high-definition, but cord-cutters looking for enhanced video quality can get the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. The Fire TV Stick device is available from $39.99.

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