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How To Cast From Mobile To Smart TV

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Access Smart View With Smartthings

How to cast from Smart phones to Smart TV

You can mirror your phones or tablet’s display to a TV using the SmartThings app as well. First, make sure the TV is turned on and connected to your SmartThings account.

  • Using your phone or tablet, open the SmartThings app, and select the TV you would like to mirror to.

  • In the TV’s setting page, tap More options , and then tap Mirror screen .

  • Tap Start now, and if needed, give your TV permission to access your device.

  • Note: This feature may not be available on the PC version of SmartThings.

    The App Youll Need: Localcast

    As you probably know, you can use Google Photos to get photos and video from your phone to your TV with its built-in casting option. On Android, you can also use this to cast locally stored movies from your phone to your TV by jumping into the Device Folders menu, then finding your movie.

    The thing is, this is far from the ideal app for this sort of situation. Sure, itll work in a pinch, but in my experience, the video was very choppy, and Google Photos didnt support a lot of the common codecs youll see in ripped and downloaded movies. Thankfully, theres a much better option available for both iOS and Android: LocalCast.

    The app is freely available for both iOS and Android, though it does offer in-app purchases to remove ads and unlock more features. The free app itself is pretty powerful on its own though.

    So if youre looking to stream more than just locally-stored pictures and videos, you can step your casting game up with LocalCast. This is a super useful app that will allow you to cast any media on your device including pictures, videos, or musicas well as cloud content from Google Drive, Dropbox, and even Instagram . It also has network support for casting from network-attached storage, and a built-in web browser for casting videos from the web. This makes it a great choice for movies, because it doesnt matter where you have them stored.

    How To Connect And Mirror Android To TV

    The exact terms used for Screen MIrroring and steps needed to activate may vary from those outlined below depending on phone, TV, or bridge device brand or model.

  • Go to Settings on your phone, TV or bridge device .

    In the following steps, the Android phone is on the left and the TV screen is on the right.

  • Enable screen mirroring on the phone and TV. In the example shown the term used by the TV is Wi-Fi Direct.

  • Search for the TV or bridge device. It may also be on a list of devices. In the TV screen mirroring menu select the Android phone or tablet.

  • Initiate a connect procedure, after your Android phone or tablet and TV or bridge device find and recognize each other.

  • The Android screen displays on the TV screen after the “connect” procedure is completed.

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    Cast From Phone To Amazon Fire TV

    Currently, only Android devices, not iOS, support screen mirroring on your Fire TV device. Here’s how to set it up:

    • Connect your Android and Fire TV devices to the same Wi-Fi network. It also helps to have your phone and your device within 30 feet of each other.
    • Then, simply hold down the Home button on your Fire TV remote and select Mirroring. Now you should be seeing the same thing on your TV that you see on your phone.

    Plug In With A Usb Data Cable

    Use your Android phone to cast to your TV

    Nearly all smartphones and tablets can plug into a TVs HDMI port using a USB cable like this 6-foot Data Cable for USB-C. Once connected, you can project your phones display onto your TV whether youre checking out pictures, watching videos, surfing the web, using apps or playing games. All it takes is one cable, so theres no need to connect via Wi-Fi or remember any passwords.

    The longer your USB cable is, the better — especially when youre sitting far away from your TV. Check out this 10-foot Charge and Sync Lightning to USB Cable for a convenient, lengthier option.

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    Screen Mirror Using A Dex Cable Or Hdmi Cable

    Note: The Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy A, and Galaxy J series do not support HDMI output.

    If you can’t connect your phone or tablet to a TV wirelessly, you can still screen mirror using a DeX cable or a USB-C to HDMI cable. Just connect the cable to your TV. On some models, it may start screen mirroring automatically. Other times, you may need to swipe down from the top of your device’s screen to open the Notification panel. Then, tap the Samsung DeX notification that says “Tap here to switch to screen mirroring.” Now select the correct source on your TV and whatever is displayed on your phone will appear on the TV.

    If You Dont Have A Smart TV At Home You Can Simply Mirror Your Smartphone To Your Television And Broadcast The Phones Content On The Bigger Screen Heres How You Can Do It

    Watching your favourite TV shows and movies on the big screen is always more fun. While cable TV comes with its ups and downs, smart TVs have made the experience more seamless. But in case, you dont have a smart TV at home you can simply mirror your smartphone to your television or cast the phones phones content on the bigger screen.

    Keep in mind that there is no one way for all TVs and smartphones and it will depend on what protocols your TV supports. If you have a really old TV, say more than 10 years, a streaming dongle will be the most convenient way.

    Most of the new Android TVs come with support for Cast. Some TVs come with support for Apples AirPlay technology as well. Some rely on their own technology and apps to allow screen mirroring. It would be best to check what functions are supported in the TVs settings to ensure that streaming is easier.

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    Here’s How To Get Your TV And Smartphone Talking

    Do you want to watch something you have on your smartphone on your TV? Then its time to learn how you can connect them up. Many of us have more smart devices in our homes than ever before, but we dont know how to easily share content between. Thats because we assume that getting them talking will be a lot more hassle than it is.

    However, connecting up your TV with your smartphone or yourtablet opens up a whole range of ways to stream and cast things from your mobile device to the big screen of your TV. For example, you might want to show some old holiday photos to your friends and family, stream a YouTube clip or video file in higher resolution than your phone can handle, keep playing theNetflix show you were watching on your commute on the big screen instead or cast a workout tutorial to your TV so its easier to follow.

    Nowadays, most new TVs are smart TVs. This means they come connected to the internet and pre-installed with apps like Netflix and YouTube. You can also even add one of the best streaming devices to your TV if theres anything missing and you want to get your hands on most of the video or broadcasting content you could ever want to access.

    Using Screen Mirroring On Android

    How to Display a Mobile Device on a Smart TV with Google Cast
  • 1Open Screen Sharing app your smart TV or streaming device. Some smart TV’s have screen mirroring as a source that you can select. XResearch source Other smart TV’s or streaming devices may require you to open a mirroring app, such as Allshare, Anyview, Mirroring or similar.
  • Read here for more information about Screen mirroring to different devices.
  • 2Open the Gallery
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    What Is Screen Mirroring Technology

    Smartphones and other mobile devices often come with technology built in to them that allow you to display the content of your mobile device screen on a larger screen like a TV. Miracast is one such technology. Miracast is found in most Android devices and devices that have Windows 8.1+ or Windows 10.

    Miracast creates its own direct wireless connection between a smartphone and a wireless display adapter. This is a device that plugs in to a TV or projector and receives the signal from a mobile device.

    Connect To The TV With Airplay

    On Apple devices, youll be able to use AirPlay: Apples proprietary technology for casting audio and video wirelessly.

    Naturally, AirPlay is designed to work between Apple devices only, but if youre sending content from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV, AirPlay will have you sorted. If both devices are connected to the same WiFi network, theyll automatically detect each other, and youll be able to select the AirPlay connection in your phones settings, the same way you would with Bluetooth for connecting to wireless headphones.

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    Connect Your Mhl Supported Phone Directly To Your Smart TV

    Mobile High-Definition Link a.k.a MHL, is another innovative technology through which you can directly connect your MHL-supported device with the help of an HDMIconnector cable. To use this feature, you must ensure that your smart TV and your Android device support MHL.

    • To verify that your Android TV supports MHL, check for the box packaging or TV specifications online. Alternatively, you can browse the online list from MHL to find all the supported models.
    • To ensure that your Android device supports MHL, install the MHL checker app from Google Play Store.
    • Tap on the Check button to check your device for MHL support.
    • If both your Android device and the TV supports MHL, then you can directly connect your phone using the HDMI connector to your TV to cast and view your device.

    Screen Casting Vs Screen Mirroring

    Cast Mobile Screen to TV ! Convert Normal TV into Smart TV without Any ...
    • Does not require network connection.

    • Large screen is mirror replica of mobile device.

    • No app compatibility restrictions.

    • No multitasking.

    Another way to view content from an Android device is via screen mirroring. Casting and screen mirroring are similar, but there are important differences. Screen mirroring does not require the Android device and TV or bridge device to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    You can use Screen Mirroring with Chromecast devices if a network is not available.

    Screen Mirroring displays everything from your Android device, including content, navigation, and setting menus. Casting only displays the content of the casted app selected.

    There are typically no app display restrictions, meaning any app that can be displayed on an Android phone can be displayed on your TV directly or through a bridge device.

    If screen mirroring is on, you can’t perform other tasks on your phone while content is mirrored. If you select another icon or app, the content will cease playing. If you turn off your phone, the mirror link between your phone and TV or bridge device will be broken.

    Finally, you can’t mirror an Android phone or tablet to an Apple TV without installing an additional app like Airmore or Mirroring 360.

    Many third-party apps and “bridge” devices that are labeled as supporting casting for Android only support screen mirroring.

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    Bonus: Use A Dedicated TV

    If your Android TV doesnt support in-built Chromecast, then you can purchase and use a dedicated TV-Streaming or Chromecast device to cast/mirror your Android smartphone. Most of the popular TV streaming devices also offer support for Chromecast in their device software. Thus, you will be able to use the Chromecast service on your older TVs with the help of these devices. Some of the popular devices in this segment are , Mi TV Box, and many more.

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    Screen Mirroring With A Fire TV Stick

    Alongside the Chromecast are many other devices that let you mirror content to your screen.

    Follow these steps to start mirroring using an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    • Go to the Settings menu on your Fire TV Stick.
    • Select Display & Sounds followed by Enable Display Mirroring.
    • On your phone, select the screen mirroring option from the quick-access menu.
    • Select the Fire TV device you want to connect with.

    Check out our to see how it compares to Chromecasts, Rokus and Apple TVs.

    Don’t worry if you don’t see a screen mirroring function on your device. There are other ways to connect.

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    How To Connect Your Phone To A Smart TV Without Wi

    Im sure youve been in this situation before: You want to relax in the bath or indoor hot tubs and watch a movie on your phone but you cant because its not connected to Wi-Fi. I know that feeling well. Its frustrating and makes for a terrible viewing experience. Fortunately, there is an easy solution!

    We will teach you how to connect your phone with any smart TV without Wi-Fi in a few steps.

    Connect Using Netflix 2nd Screen

    How to Cast Any Smartphone on your Smart TV

    The Netflix app on your mobile device has the ability to sync to select TVs and streaming media players, allowing you to control your Netflix experience from your phone or tablet.

    To use your Android mobile device as a remote:

  • Connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV.

  • Launch the Netflix app on both your TV and your mobile device.

  • Sign in to the same Netflix account on both your TV and your mobile device.

  • Select the Cast icon in the upper or lower right corner of the screen.

  • Select the device you would like to watch your TV show or movie on.

  • Select a TV show or movie to watch and press Play.

  • If you encounter issues with 2nd Screen, see our Troubleshoot Netflix 2nd Screen article.

  • You can now fast forward, rewind, pause, or change the audio or subtitle settings from your mobile device.

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    Screen Mirroring With An Apple TV

    Screen mirroring means the same thing regardless of whether you’ve got an Android or iOS device. Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s on your phone or tablet’s screen on your TV screen.

    • Make sure your iOS device and your Apple TV are on the same wi-fi network.
    • Swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device to reveal the control centre and select Screen Mirroring.
    • Select the Apple TV you want to cast to.
    • The Apple TV will then display a passcode, which you’ll need to enter into your device.

    If you can’t see Screen Mirroring in the control centre, it may mean the version of iOS your device is running does not support it.

    How To Screen Mirror

    Screen mirroring is technically not the same as casting, but it is another way of sharing content from one device to another and the two terms are often confused.

    When ‘casting’ to another device, such as a Chromecast or Apple TV, that device takes over the job of showing videos, photos or music. It’s as if your phone or tablet tells the Chromecast what to do, and then the Chromecast goes ahead and does the legwork while the device you’re casting from acts as a remote control.

    ‘Mirroring’ is like using your smart TV as a display for a phone, tablet, PC or Mac. This means the original device is still doing all the processing and its screen usually needs to stay on, which can be a drain on the battery. Usually, the receiving TV shows an exact duplicate visuals and sound of what’s on your broadcasting device. How mirroring is handled depends on which mirroring protocol you’re using, which device you’re broadcasting from, and which smart TV or other device is acting as the receiver.

    Google Cast

    • Works with Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad

    Google Cast is built into some smart TVs from many major brands, including Sony, Philips, Hisense and Sharp, among others. You can also buy a Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra dongle to add this functionality to a non-supported TV, or to improve your experience if your TV’s Google Cast functionality isn’t great.

    Apple AirPlay

    • Works with Apple devices


    • Works with Android, Windows 10, iPhone and iPad

    Wired connections

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    Connect To The TV With Hdmi

    The most reliable way to get your phone hooked up to the TV is with an HDMI cable. Practically every TV will have an HDMI port of some sort, which is used to transfer both audio and video from the same source.

    Your phone wont have an HDMI port, but there are handy adaptors that will bolt HDMI ports onto your phones USB Type-C, micro USB, or lightning ports.

    Some Android tablets will have mini HDMI or micro HDMI ports, which can connect directly to HDMI over a single cable. Whatever port youre hoping to connect from, make sure your cable is compatible with that connection.

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