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What Do You Get With Hulu Live TV

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Which Sports Channels Does Hulu + Live TV Have

How to use and get started on Hulu with Live TV 2021

So you found yourself here in the most important section. And we are here to tell you that Hulu Live has a solid sports channel lineup.

Hulu Live is one of the best services for college sports fans, and it even includes a channel you can rarely find anywhere else: ESPN College Extra.

You might not get the Tennis Channel or MLB Network, but any sports fan can appreciate the live TV channels youll get with your Hulu Live subscription. But dont forget to type in your ZIP code to check the sports channel lineup in your area.

Sports channels included in Hulu + Live TV are the following:

  • Olympic Channel

Sports Channels With Hulu + Live TV

The Hulu channel lineup includes a number of sports channels, including coverage of professional and college leagues. As a subscriber, you’ll get networks like CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPNEWS, FS1, and NFL Network in your Hulu channel lineup.

Depending on where you live, you might have access to a regional sports network in your area, like NBC Sports Bay Area or NBC Sports Chicago. When you sign up with Hulu, you’ll designate a “home network” that will determine your location and which of these channels you receive. If your physical location is outside of your home network, you may be able to watch local channels in your current location. Some games may be subject to blackout restrictions, depending on the league’s broadcast agreements and your device.

It’s important to note that Hulu does not have an agreement with every regional sports network. Some notable exclusions include Bally Sports , Marquee Sports Network, and NESN .

How Does Hulu Work

Depending on the device you are using, setting up Hulu may vary. However, in all cases, its very straightforward. Setup typically involves downloading an app to the device and simply logging in with the username and password you used when you signed up for Hulu.

The service itself is extremely stable. Ive been a subscriber for over four years and currently have the Hulu+ Live TV with an ad-free streaming library subscription. We have never had an issue. I cant even remember ever having an instance when a show was dropped or buffered. Hulu is one of the most dependable streaming services I have ever used. The quality of service and content available makes Hulu On-Demand a great value at either price. If Hulu has the content you want, its well worth the price. Hulu is easily a top-notch 5-star streaming service.

Overall, Hulu Live-TV offers all the bells and whistles you would get with a Multi-room HD DVR cable subscription. However, that price tag comes to around $75. I see this option as less for cord-cutters and more for those looking not to have a year-long contract with a cable provider. I find it a much better deal than cable TV.

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What Is The Difference Between Hulu And Hulu Live TV

The difference between Hulu and Hulu Live TV is that Hulu without the live TV feature only gives access to ad-supported or no-ads streaming library, depending on your plan. The basic Hulu plan, aka Hulu, without the live TV costs $69.99 a year with ads and $12.99 a month without ads. The streaming library includes Hulu Originals, TV shows and movies available on Hulu.

Hulu Live TV has options to include the streaming library along with the live TV feature or simply, access to its live TV channels.

What Is Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV Channels: Complete Channel List, Devices &  Add

Hulu + Live TV, as the name suggests, is Hulus live TV streaming option. Featuring an assortment of live sports, news, and events, the service offers over 75 channels and the ability to watch TV live and on demand. It also bundles Disney+ and ESPN+ into one package. Hulus live TV experience allows you to watch on two screens at the same time and also includes the ability to record live TV .

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How Much Does Hulu Live TV Cost

The basic Hulu + Live TV package costs $69.99 a month, including content from Disney Plus and ESPN Plus. With this, you get more than 75 live channels and access to on-demand content. For $75.99 a month, you can upgrade this package to Hulu + Live TV, meaning you can watch streaming content uninterrupted by ad breaks. You can also buy add-on channels, which will increase your monthly costs. Keep in mind, there is no free trial for the live TV options.

This price point places Hulu + Live TV towards the higher end of the spectrum for online streaming services, but similar to other top competitors, such as YouTube TV, which comes in at $64.99 a month. Other options like Sling TV are more affordable, but offer fewer channels and no on-demand content.

Watch Hulu On Your TV Via Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a small device that lets you quickly set up Hulu in a tap or click of a button, and the video youre watching will be instantly cast onto your TV.

  • Plug your Chromecast into a wall socket or TV USB port to power it up
  • Plug it into an HDMI port on your TV using an HDMI cable
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet to Chromecast in the Google Home app
  • Start watching Hulu from your tablet or smartphone
  • Tap the streaming button at the upper-right side of your devices screen
  • Select the right HDMI source from your TV
  • Enjoy your movie
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    How To Watch Live TV On Hulu Online Or Throughthe Hulu App

  • Launch the Hulu app.
  • On the Home screen, click Live TV. This will be in the upper-left side of the screen. It will show you the live stream of the channel you last watched.
  • Then click on the three-line icon in the lower-left corner of the player bar during playback on If using the mobile app, tap the exit full-screen icon or turn your device vertically during playback.
  • Select the channel that you want to watch.
  • Then Hulu will load the Live TV channel you have selected.
  • What Devices Support Hulu + Live TV

    How To Use Hulu Live TV For Complete Beginners

    From Apple TV to the Nintendo Switch, the current version of the Hulu app with live programming is supported on a ton of different devices. Here’s an updated list as of April 2021:

    • Android phones and tablets

    • Chromecast

    • Samsung TVs

    • VIZIO SmartCast TVs

    • Xbox 350, One, and Series X/S

    Note that while the Playstation 3 and Xfinity devices work with the the latest Hulu app, they don’t currently allow access to its live TV feature. to learn more.

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    What Is Hulu With Live TV And Can It Replace Your Cable Subscription

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    Streaming cable replacements are becoming a much more appealing option for cable cutters across the board, with more choices available than ever before. Hulus Live TV option is a relative newcomer to the scene, but is it worth it?

    What’s The Difference Between Hulu’s Basic Plan And Hulu

    Hulu’s basic plan costs just $7 a month, while Hulu is $13 a month. Both offer access to Hulu’s entire on-demand catalog, but the basic version has commercials while the more expensive plan is ad-free.

    With its basic plan, Hulu typically airs five minutes of ads for 30-minute programs and 10 minutes of ads for hour-long programs. It’s a small price to pay for nearly halving the cost of your subscription, and it’s still less overall ad time than you’d find on cable.

    Hulu’s basic plan is also missing download support, while the Hulu plan adds support for downloading content to watch offline.

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    Can I Subscribe To Premium Channels With Hulu With Live TV

    Yes. Just like the standard Hulu subscription, you can add on Showtime for $11, Cinemax for $10, STARZ for $9, and HBO for $15. These channels include all the same content you’d get with a traditional cable subscription or via the stand-alone service offered by each.

    To add a premium channel, log into your account at and go to your account page. Select Manage Addons to add any or all of the premium channels you want.

    You don’t have to subscribe to Hulu with Live TV to add the premium channels. These addons are also available to standard Hulu subscribers.

    How Do Hulu + Live TV’s Competitors Compare

    What are details of Hulu Basic? Here

    Hulu Live has recently made itself a strong competitor in the live TV streaming world.

    Hulu Live used to be our No. 3 overall pick for live TV streaming services, but now it can outweigh fuboTV and YouTube TV depending on the users needs.

    fuboTV has 50 sports channels and the best dollar-to-channel ratio. YouTube TV is $11 cheaper than Hulu Live and it has 10 more channels. But what these two don’t have that only Hulu Live carries is two other streaming services .


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    Can I Watch Live TV On Multiple Devices At The Same Time

    You can watch Hulu + Live TV on up to two devices simultaneously. Bigger households might want to consider upgrading their plans with Hulu’s Unlimited Screens add-on, which gets you an unlimited number of connections at home and support for up to three mobile devices when you’re on the go for an additional $9.99 a month.

    Local Channels On Hulu + Live TV

    Hulu + Live TV broadcasts one of the widest range of local networks available on streaming services, including CBS, NBC, Fox News, ABC, and Telemundo. Theres also some regional sports coverage, such as local NBC sports channels.

    You can access local channels through the service TV guide. If youre traveling, Hulu + Live TV updates in order to show local content wherever you are. Access to live channels may depend on your location, but coverage extends to most top 200 cities.

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    Is Hulu + Live TV Easy To Use

    I have a love-hate relationship with Hulus interface, which excels at helping you discover new shows but can be inefficient at getting to things you already want to watch.

    Jared Newman / Foundry

    The home screen, for instance, bursts with staff picks and suggestions based on your viewing habits, and it makes excellent use of cover art in various shapes and sizes. It doesnt take much digging to appreciate the vastness of Hulus catalog.

    At the same time, finding the list of shows youre already watching requires a few scrolls down the home screen, and the DVR menu is tucked into a separate My Stuff tab at the top. Both should be much more prominent.

    Hulu offers lots of ways to sort through live channels.

    Jared Newman / Foundry

    Hulus live TV guide also needs improvement. While it does offer a 14-day preview, you must click each program for full episode detailsthe guides on some other services expand these details automatically when you highlight a showand series recording options are hidden behind an extra Show Details menu. Managing your favorite channels list is also a slog, requiring you to visit a separate Hubs menu, select channels one-by-one, and then add them to your My Stuff list.

    Hulu does let you quickly toggle between two channels, but clicking down to the live guide hides the entire video.

    Jared Newman / Foundry

    Can I Watch Hulu With Live TV On Multiple Devices At The Same Time

    How to Stream Hulu With Live TV Using a Roku Device

    While Hulu + Live TV is available on quite a few devices, youre going to find that the number of devices you can use at the same time is somewhat restrictive.

    Youre only allowed to watch on two screens at a time with your basic Hulu + Live TV subscription. However, you can upgrade to unlimited screens for an extra $9.99 per month. This gives you unlimited at-home streams and three additional streams for your portable devices.

    That all seems simple enough, but youll have trouble if you try to use a living room device such as a smart TV, Roku stick or the like when youre away from your primary residence.

    You cant access Hulu on a living room device outside of your home network, according to Hulus FAQ page. The live TV service is for use by a single household, so sharing a subscription is not allowed.

    So what does that mean for travel?

    According to Hulus website: Youll be able to stream Hulu on your mobile devices while you are traveling within the U.S. just make sure you check in at Home before you leave. Youll need to do this once every 30 days to avoid any interruptions in service.

    This requirement also rules out using one Hulu + Live TV subscription if you have more than one residence. Hulus same FAQ page suggests paying for a second subscription to remedy the issues of going back and forth between homes .

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    Hulu Video And Audio Quality

    Hulus on-demand streaming video quality for most content ranges from 1080p HD to 4K UHD. So, if youre binge-watching the first season of ER and George Clooney looks a little fuzzy, its only because it was filmed in 1994.

    On the audio side, most Hulu content hits your ears in standard 2.0 stereo, and many of Hulus original shows and movies support 5.0 surround sound . Hulu doesnt yet do Dolby Atmos, however.

    Which Channels Come With Hulu + Live TV

    The complete list of Hulu + Live TV channels is honestly way too long to fit here, but highlights include sitcoms, news programs, and awards shows on major networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS reality TV and guilty pleasures on E!, Bravo, Lifetime, TBS, and the Food Network family-friendly favorites on Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel educational series from Animal Planet, NASA, and National Geographic and even big games on ESPN, SEC, and BTN.

    or follow the video tutorial below to find out which channels are currently available in your area.

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    How Do I Get Hulu With Live TV

    All you need now for Hulu with Live TV is the standard Hulu app or to visit Hulu from a web browser . You won’t see the Live TV features until you’ve updated your subscription with the Live TV add-on. Once you’ve added it, you’ll have to log out and log back into the app.

    If you previously signed up for Hulu through the iOS app, you will have to contact customer service to have them walk you through switching to paying for Hulu directly. Make sure you are given the 7-day free trial and not charged the full first month price up front.

    Whats On Hulu Streaming Library

    Hulu Live TV review: I tried cutting the cord but went back to cable

    Below are articles on recent shows found on Hulu

    Readers want to know whats on Hulu. Of course, the Hulu Live TV service will offer all the shows on the networks the service carries. As for their streaming library, there are a ton. There are original shows like The Handmaids Tale, Pen15, Shrill, and . Check out our ranking of the best Hulu Originals for more info on Hulus original programming.

    There are network and cable TV hits like This Is Us, The Good Doctor, Law and Order SVU.

    There are too many shows available to list here. If you want to know what to watch on Hulu, check out all the shows and movies available.

    In addition to the latest network TV episodes, Hulu provides thousands of episodes of hit TV shows on cable. Granted, many are on a one-season delay. Meaning Hulu wont air a season until its roughly a year old. However, there are a few exceptions. If this is a concern, you may want to look into the Hulu Live TV service, which includes a cloud DVR for recording shows.

    Hulu also has an arsenal of original programming. Shows like The Handmaids Tale and Harlots are only available on Hulu, adding additional value to the service.

    In addition to a vast library of TV shows, Hulu also offers a decent selection of movies. You can check on Hulus Website to see what is new every month on Hulu.

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    How To Watch Hulu On Your TV In 2022

    If youre a serious cord cutter but still want access to your favorite TV shows, Hulu offers a strong library with on-demand channels, as well as thousands of shows and movies. You can use it on your computer and mobile devices, but to stream it from your TV, theres a little extra step you have to take. In this guide, were going to show you how to watch Hulu on your TV so you can make the most out of its service.

    Hulu streams first-run episodes of your favorite shows from traditional networks like ABC, Fox and NBC. It also has a growing lineup of exclusive original content like The Handmaids Tale, a multiple award-winning drama among other notable films and content from other cable outlets.

    Not only that, there is Hulus live TV service that has more than 50 included channels, taking on Sling TV, AT& T TV Now , PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV. It even offers a seven-day free trail, so you can try out the experience before committing to a future plan. This makes Hulu easily one of the best video streaming services around.

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