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What TV Provider Is Xfinity

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Xfinity TV Vs Verizon Fios TV Hidden Fees

DIRECTV vs. Xfinity | An Epic Battle Between Satellite and Cable TV

Simply put: Xfinity TV has one of the longest lists of fees in the TV industry, while Verizon Fios has one of the shortest.

With Fios, you have three different fees:

  • A second set-top box for your bedroom
  • DVR fee
  • Fios router fee

With Xfinity, expect to pay five fees that could possibly add up to $79 . Verizon Fios fees could hit a max of $69, further making it the least expensive option.


Data effective 1/10/2022. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Lobbying And Electoral Fundraising

With $18.8 million spent in 2013, Comcast has the seventh largest budget of any individual company or organization in the United States. Comcast employs multiple former as lobbyists. The , which has multiple Comcast executives on its board, also represents Comcast and other cable companies as the fifth largest lobbying organization in the United States, spending $19.8 million in 2013. Comcast was among the top backers of ‘s presidential runs, with Comcast vice president raising over $2.2 million from 2007 to 2012. Cohen has been described by many sources as influential in the U.S. government, though he is no longer a registered lobbyist, as the time he spends lobbying falls short of the 20% which . Comcast’s , the Comcast Corporation and NBCUniversal Political Action Committee, is among the largest PACs in the U.S., raising about $3.7 million from 2011 to 2012 for the campaigns of various candidates for office in the . Comcast is also a major backer of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association Political Action Committee, which raised $2.6 million from 2011 to 2012. Comcast spent the most money of any organization in support of the and bills, spending roughly $5 million to lobby for their passage.

How Good Is Xfinity TV Service

Xfinity TV delivers steady service and a variety of packages that will entertain just about anyone. Xfinity TV is a great service to bundle with your Xfinity internet service, and we like the easy-to-use voice remote.

The company doesnt have high ratings for customer service, but they do have wide availability and cost effective TV and internet bundles. The low customer service rating stems partly from Xfinitys steady increase in fees in the past few years, although this is common with most cable TV companies.

Overall, we find that Xfinitys TV service is enjoyable, and we often recommend it to friends and family .


  • Low customer service ratings

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Comcasts Xfinity TV Deals And Promotions

  • For all new Xfinity customers: Comcasts Xfinity offers Xfinity Flex, a 4K streaming device, and the subscription service, Peacock Premium, to all new Xfinity customers
  • With high-tier bundles: Xfinity offers HBO MAX, SHOWTIME and/or Netflix with some of the higher-tier bundle offers
  • For students: Xfinity will include a $150 prepaid Visa card and six free months of Amazon Music Unlimited to students from select colleges and universities
  • For military members and veterans: Xfinity provides $25 credit toward Xfinity on-demand services and a $100 prepaid Visa card to current military members and veterans

What Is The Best Way I Can Lower My Xfinity Bill

Xfinity TV Provider some channels for kids

The best way to lower your bill is to make sure you dont pay for what you dont need. Make sure you only pay for the channels and internet speed you need. My recommendation is around 50 Mbps per user.

Also, if your contract has ended, you might want to call Xfinity to renegotiate your package. And if they dont want to lower your bill, consider another provider.

Let them fight for you!

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Installation + Equipment Fees

Depending on the type of provider, these vary. Cable and satellite TV typically have some fees associated live TV streaming not so much. In some cases, you can get your installation fees waived just by asking. If you dont get them waived, they can be as little as $20 bucks to as much as $100, depending on the area and provider.

Equipment fees include DVRs, modems, satellite dishes, and set-top boxes each can cost anywhere from $5-$15 per month but with upgrades some can cost as much as $20-$30 per month.

What Do We Like About The Ultimate TV Plan

  • This plan has 23 sports channels instead of nine
  • Youll get more channels, like the Cooking Channel, Disney Jr., and FX Movie Channel

Youll get a whopping 14 more sports channels

The best part about the Ultimate TV plan is that you get the major sports networks straight to your TV. These are the plans you need if youre a Los Angeles Rams, Lakers, and Dodgers fan, for example.

With the Ultimate TV plan, youll get the following sports channels:

  • ACC Network

Regional sports fee

Up to $19.15/mo.

So, if you need a TV box , an additional TV box for the TV room downstairs , DVR storage , news channels , and sports channels youll be spending close to $70 per month in fees.

Although we touch on how expensive it can get, no other cable TV provider gives you 185+ channels at a starting price of $50 per month.

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Recap: Which Xfinity TV Package Is Best

Well come outright and say the Ultimate TV package will give you the most for your money.

The Popular TV package gives you 125 popular channels that everyone in the family will absolutely enjoy. But if youre looking to get cable solely for sports, were sorry to say you wont get your NFL Network, MLB Network, or NBA TV channels.

If you upgrade to Ultimate TV, you will get these major sports channels, along with more entertainment, movie, and kids channels .


Popular Channels On Xfinity

Xfinity Review – Cable Internet Providers
$7.50/mo. $15.00/mo.

Data as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

ARRIS and Pace XG1v3

Pace XG1v1


Depending where youre located, and whats in stock, youll get one of three Xfinity X1 models.

The X1 Cloud DVR service lets you save shows and view them on your X1, the Xfinity Stream app, and the Xfinity Stream website. Most packages include 20 hours of DVR storage, but you can upgrade to 150 hours or 300 hours of storage during the checkout process.

If youd like to watch your Xfinity content on another TV, you can pay $7.50 a month for an extra X1 DVRor choose a non-DVR Xfinity TV box for $7.50 a month to use on the additional TV. The non-DVR boxes can set and play recordings, but not store them .

Its important to note here that Xfinity sends out various models of non-DVR X1 boxes. One, the RNG150N, is not compatible with the Xfinity voice remote. If you want that sweet hands-free navigation, you might want to ask an Xfinity rep which box you should expect in your region.

For more on the X1, read our in-depth Xfinity X1 review.

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How Good Is Comcast Xfinity Customer Support

A couple of years ago, Xfinity got a lot of criticism for their support being bad, and this was certainly the case.

Since then, however, they have restructured and become a lot better not perfect but better.

This is strengthened by Xfinitys customer satisfaction ratings, which got 67/100 in 2021. This is nothing incredible, but still the third-best of all the internet providers.

Other Top Streaming Services

If its not obvious by now, youve got a lot of TV options these days. And with month-to-month contracts, affordable prices, and excellent availability, live TV streaming services are a great alternative to traditional cable and satellite TV.

We already told you why we think YouTube TV is the best live TV streaming service out there, but it might not be right for your budget or taste. Check out the table to see if theres another live TV streaming service thats more you.

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Fubotv: Best Value Streaming Service

View Plans

fuboTV takes the crown when it comes to . fuboTV has the best dollar-to-channel ratio, offers the most total channels, and offers more sports channels than any other TV service in the industry.

What we like about fuboTV

  • Lots of sports channels
  • Spanish-language package option

Over time, fuboTV has renamed itself as an all-around live TV streaming service for the whole family rather than just sports fans. But it still towers over the competition when it comes to sports.

fuboTV caters to all types of sports fans. You’ll get channels like ESPN, Big Ten Network, PAC-12 Networks, Tennis Channel, TUDN, and Zona Fútbol.

You’ll also get all of the major national sports channels like NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, and NHL Network.

Check out the sports channel lineup to see all 50+ channels you could get.

If your Abuelito wants to watch sports in Spanish, fuboTV has a for $32.99/mo. with 30+ Spanish-language channels.

What we don’t like about fuboTV

  • Sports-heavy content isn’t for everyone

Yes, fuboTV has the most sports channels in the TV industry, but don’t forget that fuboTV is also family-friendly.

Your kids will be able to watch Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, your teen can watch Lifetime, and your spouse can watch HGTV or Fox News with fuboTV.

We talk about fuboTV’s channel lineup, equipment, pricing, and more, in our best streaming services for sports piece.

What we like about YouTube TV

  • Unlimited cloud DVR
  • A lineup with almost all of the popular channels

Comcast Diversity And Inclusiveness Transparency

Comcast Login Error when Watching AMC Episodes

As part of our effort to improve awareness of the importance of diversity in companies, we have highlighted the transparency of Comcasts commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and social responsibility. The below chart illustrates how Comcast reports the diversity of its management and workforce. This shows whether Comcast discloses data about the diversity of its board of directors, C-suite, general management, and employees overall across a variety of metrics. We have indicated that transparency with a .

Comcast Diversity & Inclusiveness Reporting

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Our Recommended Cox Package:

Contour TV Ultimate

Price: $138.00/mo.

Standout features: 250+ channels including CINEMAX, HBO Max, NFL Network, MLB Network, SHOWTIME, and STARZ, free Contour TV box, and Record 1 Starter DVR service free for 12 mos.

*for 36 months

To compare, DISHs Americas Top 200 plan has 240+ channels, 500 hours of DVR storage, and 16 simultaneous recordings for only $104.99 a month and the price is guaranteed for two years. Cox prices are good only for 12 months. Youll get more bang for your buck, and also save some bucks, with DISH.

Finally, if you want the best of everything, Coxs Contour TV Ultimate with Ultimate DVR , bundled with Internet Gigablast comes to $267.99 monthly. And youll have all the channels, the most storage, and a super-fast internet connection.

The Hidden Costs Of Comcast Xfinity TV

Here are the hidden fees you need to watch out for in your Xfinity TV service bill.

Taxes and other fees ~$3-$10

The taxes and other fees are an amount Xfinity will add to your bill every month. The exact amount depends on where you live, but it is not more than a couple of dollars.

Its also worth mentioning that your prices can increase as much as $30 after your promo period. This period is usually between one to two years.

My recommendation is to always renegotiate your package the day your contract ends.

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Xfinity Triple Play Bundles

Why pay three separate bills for cable TV, home phone, and internet when you can bundle them together and save some money? Xfinity TV, home phone, and internet bundles keep you connected to the sports, movies, and the internet you need daily. Most bundles include internet speeds of 150 Mbps or above, which is plenty fast for most households.

Its worth noting that some Triple Play packages offer a price lock for 24 months . If you dont get one with a price lock, bear in mind that youll end up paying almost twice as much by month 13. Also, some packages have special discounts if you agree to a 12-month or 24-month contract.

Xfinity Channel Guide In 2022

Is DISH or Xfinity Better For TV? | DISH vs. Xfinity Review 2018

Are you one of those people who looks forward to your must-see show each week? Then I’m sure you’ll agree that one of the most important aspects of choosing a cable television provider is making sure you get the channels you want.

Comcast, the largest cable television company in the U.S., offers a hefty range of plans from basic to sports to Latino packages. While the number of channels isn’t as extensive as Dish or DIRECTV, the packages are numerous, giving you with much-desired flexibility.

Check out our review of the Xfinity packages for more information. While Xfinity’s packages aren’t as numerous or flexible compared to Dish or DIRECTV, this cable TV service is still home to a wide variety of packages, all with enticing incentives.

For one, with Xfinity’s X1 HD receiver, you can stream Netflix – provided that you have a membership with the service – to your TV with ease.

  • Access to FX, TLC, HGTV, and Bravo
  • Just $20 more per month
  • Compared to the Digital Economy package, you’ll receive close to 100 more channels.

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Choosing The Right TV Service Provider

Choosing a TV service provider is a decision that requires a great deal of consideration. When selecting a company to fulfill your television entertainment needs, you need to consider channel lineup and plans, anytime and anywhere access, customer service and price. Additionally, be sure to consider all the types of TV service providers available, like fiber, cable or satellite.

How Do Xfinity And Spectrum’s Prices Compare

It’s tough to compare Xfinity’s and Spectrum’s prices quickly, side by side. While Spectrum offers three fairly straightforward plans across its entire coverage area, Xfinity offers several plans with different terms and fees in each of the three regions that make up its coverage map. In other words, get ready for a bunch of charts.

Let’s get the easy one out of the way first. With Spectrum, you have three plans to choose from, with max download speeds of 200 megabits per second, 400Mbps and 940Mbps. Depending on your choice, your monthly bill will range from $50 to $90 during your promo period. After that, your monthly rate will increase by $25, meaning you’ll be paying $75 to $115 each month. The good news is that no contracts or data caps are associated with any of those plans.

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Xfinity TV And Internet Bundles

If youd like, you can save a little cash and keep your bills streamlined with an Xfinity TV and internet bundle. Most Xfinity internet and TV bundles include internet speeds of 150 Mbps or above, which is plenty fast for most households. For an additional cost, you can bump up the internet to even faster speeds .

Xfinity also offers home security service. You can add XH Security service to any of the following packages for $24.99 per month.

So What Are The Different Types Of TV Service Providers

Comcast is bringing Amazon Music to Xfinity X1 and Flex

TV service providers offer a variety of plans, channel lineups, and technology to fit different families. We recommend checking out your options before deciding which TV provider or streaming service you should get.

But before you do, you should know what to look for when choosing a satellite, cable, fiber, or live TV streaming service:

Streaming services require high-speed internet, and we recommend download speeds of at least 25 Mbps. While the channels offered might not be as robust, you won’t have to sign up for a long-term contract.

If you don’t want traditional set-top box cable, or if you prefer a more customized slew of cable channels, you may want to skip to the streaming providers.

View Plan

If you’re looking for the best all-around satellite TV provider, we choose DISH.

What we like about DISH

  • Consistent pricing
  • Tons of college sports coverage
  • Solid DVR

If you’re looking for the best all-around satellite TV provider, it’s DISH.

Unlike its competitor, DISH doesn’t jack up your price after the first year. You’ll pay the same price for the life of your contract. We appreciate that and we love the transparency.

Yes, it’s a bummer that DISH doesn’t carry NFL SUNDAY TICKET, but we’ve got good news for college sports fansDISH carries more college sports channels than DIRECTV, including: the ACCN, SEC, PAC-12, Longhorn, and Big Ten Networks, along with ESPNU.

What we don’t like about DISH

  • It doesn’t offer as many channels as DIRECTV
View Plan

Why we like DIRECTV

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What Does Sling TV Offer And At What Price

Sling TV is much cheaper in comparison, but the choice of channels can seem limiting with its core $35 a month offer. Sling TV’s basic plans cost $35 per month for 31 channels or 41 . The core differences are that both packages have channels the other doesn’t:

  • Blue has Bravo, Discovery, E!, Fox, FS1, FX, Fox News, HLN, MSNBC, NBC , NFL Network, National Geographic, Syfy, TLC, USA, and TruTV
  • Orange has Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, Freeform, and MotorTrend

You can see the full lineups here, but basically Orange gives you ESPN, while Blue offers more Fox sports and news along with USA, and NBC . If you buy both for $50 a month it gives you 49 channels.

Buying both means you spend less than half what Comcast charges and get about half of the channels. That means you will be spending less, but getting less — which may not matter as Sling offers the vast majority of the most popular channels. In addition, you could get a Sling package and supplement it with other streaming services and still spend less than what Comcast charges.

The biggest challenge if you opt for Sling is that you’re not getting access to regional sports networks or traditional broadcast television . Sling also offers a number of add-on packages that give you more channels, more sports, and, well, more on an a la carte basis.

The a la carte offerings include:

Sling also offers a $7 package based around the AMC Networks, and $6 packages with lifestyle, Hollywood, and heartland channels.

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