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How Can I Make My TV Stand Higher

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How To Measure A TV

High End IKEA? Making a Modern Solid Wood Equipment Stand

Does this make sense so far? Good because its about to get a bit more complicated. A televisions advertised dimensions only account for the screen. In other words, the 50 inches of a 50-inch TV does not include the frame around the screen .

All of this makes trying to figure out the best TV stand size for your TV a bit tricky and while the easiest solution would be to get TV manufacturers to just advertise the actual size of their TVs, it doesnt seem like thats going to happen any time soon. Luckily, taking matters into your own hands doesnt have to be complicated.

Add Weight To The Sound Bar Stand

After successfully removing the sound bar stand and the television, add height to the sound bar stand. Height is added using recommended materials such as bricks, or any recommended mounting materials. Before adding height to the sound bar, choose the best height that matches your preference. Ensure the height is suitable and the television can be easily viewed by everyone at home including children.

How Tall Should An Entertainment Center Be

Entertainment centers are large pieces of furniture that usually surround and hold the TV. They also contain more storage space than TV stands. Entertainment centers can be as tall as 72 and are available in a variety of styles to match any decor. Due to their size, entertainment centers arent ideal for small rooms.

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Choose The Right Material

When it comes to the right material for your TV stand, there are a few important factors: stability, durability, and aesthetics. You will find that most TV stands these days are made of medium density fiberboard or similar wood composite materials. Fewer are made of wood as has been traditionally commonplace. Technological advancements have allowed for the proliferation of a variety of quality wood composite and derivative materials. As you can imagine, wood and metal are one of the toughest and long-lasting materials, advisable for TV stands. If you have already done some research you will have noticed that the TV stand price will often depend on the material. Synchronize your budget with the best available material for your TV stand.

Assuming You Shouldnt Hang Over The Fireplace

Monica Small Concrete Grey High Gloss TV Stand

Over the past decade and a half or so, fear has been created around hanging a TV over the fireplace. This used to be true with plasma TVs, but plasma technology isnt really used anymore.

Generally, you can very safely hang your TV over the fireplace. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the temperature of the area below the TV stays under 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If youre apprehensive, as a test you can even place a thermometer in the location where you want to place your TV and check for yourself. Trust me, 100 degrees is VERY hot, its highly unlikely that your fireplace will generate that kind of heat!

Its a myth, and basically just a dated idea that the heat of the fireplace is going to damage your television your TV isnt going to melt, the mantel acts as a barrier from the heat. If your fireplace was actually that hot, your mantel would have signs of heat damage far before your television would.

Its absolutely fine to hang your TV over the fireplace, if that is the best solution for your room .

A fireplace is a focal point, but from a decorating standpoint, if you have a considerably large TV in a room, it is also going to be a focal point. Marrying the two elements, so that they can be enjoyed together at the same time, makes much more sense than having them compete against each other.

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Never Clean With Chemicals

If youre someone who loves a spotless house and smudge-free screens, you may want to take out your most dependable cleaner and give your flat-screen TV a spritz and a quick wipe with your favorite paper towel. Dont do it! Harsh chemicals can damage the screen and paper towels and other abrasive materials can scratch it. Instead, follow the more traditional method for how to clean a TV screen:

  • Turn off the TV.
  • Wipe it down with a dry, clean rag or duster.
  • If absolutely necessary, dampen your dry and clean rag with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar, and then clean the screen.
  • TV Console Is Too Small

    Anyone can see that the image above is pretty silly.

    But is it always that obvious when your TV is too big for your console or TV stand? Nope! Otherwise it wouldnt be such a common mistake.

    I recommend getting a console that is at least a few inches wider than the width of your TV .

    Its important to remember that TVs are measured diagonally and TV consoles are measured horizontally, so make sure to take the actual width of your TV screen into consideration when choosing your console.

    Proportionally, your TV should be roughly 2/3rds the width of your stand.

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    S On How To Raise TV Above The Soundbar

    Raising television above the sound bar requires a sound bar stand. Also, other recommended equipment for raisingTelevision above soundbar include Samsung sound bar holders, support to sound bar, sound bar holder, among others. Television raising depends on the type of television and sound bar model where some sound bars can be placed below the Television while others are placed above the television.

    The following reasons show why it is essential to place Television above sound bar

    On raising the Television above the sound bar, follow the following steps.

    What We Discovered In Our Deep Analysis

    How To Make A TV Stand Media Console….That Is HUUUUUGE

    We discovered that there are a variety of features to look for when considering what adjustable TV floor stand will work for different needs.

    For example, if someone is looking for a tall vertical TV stand with shelves, we decided that they want to be sure that the TV can be extended above the shelves so that speakers or gaming consoles can still fit.

    Before making your decision, be sure to consider what we looked over in our review:

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    Should TV Stand Be Taller Than Coffee Table

    Traditionally, your coffee table should be 12 to 18 inches away from your sofaany more or less than that it will feel uncomfortably close or far. Between your coffee table and your TV stand or fireplace, you should calculate at least 24 inches to 30 inches to leave enough room for circulating around the space.

    Fixed Floor TV Mounting: When This Is Better Than A Portable Stand

    Fixed floor TV mounting doesnt run around on your floors. Portable TV stands have caster wheels, and if you bought a poor-quality rolling stand, your floor finish can definitely look like a mess if the surface gets scratched from too much movement .

    In our list, youll find most of them have a wide and heavy-duty adjustable height, stable base, and different wheels.

    The main reason a fixed TV stand is different from a portable stand is a fixed body creates a fixed focal point from every seating position and looks better if you dont need to constantly move your TV.

    Also, you can hide your TV stands base behind furniture to let the bracket blend in with your interior design.

    Or if you recess your floor, you can put carpet over the top of the base to hide the feet with a bit of DIY.

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    There’s Actually A Better Place To Mount Your TV

    We’ll break down the do’s and don’ts of TV placement.

    Geoffrey Morrison

    Geoffrey Morrison is a writer/photographer for CNET, Forbes, and The New York Times. He also the Editor-at-large for The Wirecutter. He has written for Sound& Vision magazine, Home Theater magazine, and was the Editor in Chief of Home Entertainment magazine. He is NIST and ISF trained, and has a degree in Television/Radio from Ithaca College. His bestselling novel, Undersea, and its sequel, Undersea Atrophia, are available in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon. He spends most of the year as a digital nomad, living and working while traveling around the world. You can follow his travels at

    If you just bought a new TV, you’re likely excited to get it mounted and set up. Before you rush to put it on the wall, beware your TV’s performance can be significantly reduced by mounting it in the wrong place. You don’t want to put it too high, and you definitely don’t want to put it above a fireplace . A slight seating shuffle, or adjusting your preferred pedestal placements, could yield better picture quality or allow for a larger TV.

    I can’t come to your home to help with ideas , but I can give you some do’s and don’ts when it comes to TV placement, to point you in the right direction .

    Before you get the idea of a 22-inch LCD stuck in the corner of the ceiling, mounting above a fireplace, or putting an 84-inch 8K TV smack in the middle of the room, keep the following tips in mind.

    Never Forget The Surge Protector

    Genova 200cm white high gloss TV stand

    If you bought your flat screen TV from a retail store with the help of a salesperson, its likely you heard a pitch for an extra powerful and fancy surge protector. While you dont need the $100+ option, you definitely need an option. So, if you havent purchased a surge protector for your TV, buy one now and set it up correctly. It will protect your flat screen TV and other expensive devices from any surge of power that could destroy them. If you really want to play it safe, then consider getting a house surge protector.

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    Should I Put My TV In The Corner

    In addition to saving space, you are bound to avoid accidents that stem from your television being knocked over because it was on an entertainment center. You should also consider eliminating glare. While pondering where to mount your TV, remember that the corner provides a solution to several problems.

    Don’t Mount A TV Above The Fireplace

    Seriously. Don’t mount a TV above a fireplace. For the above reason and more . Even if you never use your fireplace, mounting a TV above it is almost always too high to watch from a couch.

    Though clean looking, a bookshelf or other cabinet can reduce sound quality and limit the size of a TV you can get in the future.

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    Can A Floor Stand Hold Your TV Better

    Most vertical tv mount stands with soundbar slots are built with heavy-duty steel stands with metal or tempered glass bases.

    TV stand bases are weighted to hold the base down to the floor and to hold your TV steady, depending on each products rating.

    Unlike tabletop stands, these mounts dont require anti-tip straps. Youll go for a wider base so that the weight of your TV is more secure.

    Not only does a wider base better hold your TV, but universal TV stands with shelves will also hold your media players, gaming consoles, and laptops securely.

    Should You Mount Your TV On A Floor Stand

    Clean & Minimal 4K TV Setup – Hiding Cables In The Wall

    Finding the right vertical floor TV stand for your needs shouldnt have to be a daunting task.

    In fact, you should be able to easily pinpoint the best TV floor stand quickly and easily by comparing the pros and cons of each of our options.

    This article aims to help you find the right flat-screen TV floor stand for your home.

    Whether you are looking for a TV floor stand that tilts, or a TV floor stand with a shelf option, all our favorite options have been laid out for your consideration below.

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    Make Sure Your TV Stand Is Comfortable To Use

    Nothing is worse than having the best flat screen, 62 inches, 4K UHD TV with HDR that you may have come across in a list of best TVs for 2019 and failing to enjoy it because of an inappropriate TV stand that is just too high or too low for you to enjoy! The viewing height of your TV stand is probably among the most important factors for comfort when spending time in front of the TV.

    The standard recommendation is for the TV height to be around 42 inches but this could vary depending on your individual height or that of your sofa or chairs. A low and wide profile construction may be just what you need, such as the Samso and Copenhagen TV cabinets. Both these cabinets sit on low and wide profiles, designed as centerpieces for that beautiful new flat screen and a home cinema experience. With larger and higher quality TVs dropping in price and average screen size growing in most Canadian homes, a lower TV stand may be something to consider.

    The SAMSO TV Cabinet offers plenty of storage to tuck all clutter away

    Place The Raised Sound Bar Stand

    If you are using a sound bar stand, gently position the stand on the raised area but, if you are mounting the television directly on the wall, proceed to the next mounting step. Moreover, remember to hold thesound bar stand carefully to avoid damaging the stand. In addition to that, ensure the stand used is of high quality and is strong enough to withstand the height of the television hence protecting the television from falling off and breaking or cracking.

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    Can I Put Speaker Behind TV

    The distance between the stereo speakers should match the distance that you are sitting from the television. For example, if you are sitting 6 feet from the television, then each stereo speaker needs to be 3 feet away from the television. The center speaker should be aligned with the center of your television.

    Cramming The TV In The Corner

    South Shore Vertex Corner TV Unit by OJ Commerce 4269629

    From an interior design standpoint, placing a major focal point like a TV in the corner of a room is a bad idea. Forcing people to stare into a corner is awkward and it really disrupts the flow of a room.

    Think about alternate layouts for your room Im willing to bet there is a better spot for your TV if you rejig things a little!

    Corner TVs *could* be acceptable in the event that you have a built-in corner fireplace and space on the mantel, or some built-in corner cabinetry.

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    Need To Raise The Height Of My TV Stand Any Tips

    • Sherry on Apr 08, 2017How about using those bed lifts they sell to college kids to lift the dorm bed? They sell them at Wal-Mart and other places just before school starts. If you don’t like the color, you could paint them. Or put the tv on the wall.
    • on Apr 10, 2017How about a chest of drawers or dresser. These give you more storage and look great. Leave a drawer out if you need a place for the converter
    • Pat on Apr 10, 2017Lowes or Home Depot sell furniture legs of different heights….bun feet for example. We put some on our coffee table to make it taller….stained ours but you could paint yours black. If you want a more modern look, find some industrial type rollers to put under it.

    Assuming You Must Hang The TV

    Again, another myth. I do agree that generally large flat-screen TVs that are hung on the wall look nicer and create a more streamlined look. But if youre renting or for various reasons are not able to wall mount your television, there is no need to despair.

    So long as you are making sure that the media console youre placing your TV on is correctly proportioned to your television, its going to look just fine!

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    Match The TV Stand Style With Your Home Interior

    Looks do play an important role when it comes to selecting the perfect TV stand. Have a look at your home interior, the style that it has, the colors, the dominant materials used, and try to synchronize these with the choice of the TV stand. For example, our Roskilde TV Cabinet is a perfect fit for homes designed in a classic to contemporary style, complemented by its high gloss finish on the cabinets front panels, the chrome metal cabinet handle adding a touch of elegance, and its overall time-honored traditional appearance. All our designs uphold characteristics emphasizing simplicity, clean edges, smooth surfaces, and aesthetics that say less is more.

    How To Raise TV Stand

    The Best Replacement Stand For Your TV – It Can Swivel, Change Height, & Hide Your Cables – It Slaps

    Are you comfortable with the height of your tv? Is it providing you the perfect viewing angle? These are the questions that constantly taunt you when you mount your tv. So, it is advisable to scale or adjust the tv at such a height it can give you the comfort to watch your favorite programs. If you are wondering how to raise tv stand, take a deep breath because I have covered you and will guide you in this article.

    In this era of modern technology, tv sets have come in new and attractive shapes. However, to make them work well, you always need to mount them at a proper height.

    There are many ways to make the tv stand look eye-catching even without having a beautiful piece of furniture. If you have been thinking of improving the look of your tv stand, this article is for you.

    However, you should always consider one thing seriously: whatever method you are using to raise a tv stand, you should be careful and choose the risk-free way to present it.

    I have some techniques and tips for you in this guide. So, read on to find out some great ideas on how to raise tv stand.

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