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How Do You Connect Chromecast To Your TV

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How Do I Play Apple Podcasts On My TV

How to Connect Google Chromecast

Get podcasts on Apple TV

  • Open the Podcasts app. on Apple TV.
  • In the menu bar, navigate to any of the following categories: Listen Now: Browse episodes you havent heard or watched, or resume episodes you havent finished yet.
  • To play or stream an episode, select the podcast, then select an episode.
  • How Can I Connect My Android Phone To My Non Smart TV Without Chromecast

    While Im listing ways in which you can cast your phone display without Chromecast, there are other streaming devices for you to consider.

  • Roku Streaming Stick. Roku, which is the pioneer when it comes to streaming devices, offers an easy way for you to see your Android screen on a bigger screen.
  • Amazon Fire Stick.
  • Reason : Network Is No Longer Active

    If the Wi-Fi network to which you connected your Chromecast is not active anymore, things will get a bit tricky. That will happen when you change your router. Youve set up your Chromecast for the network that doesnt exist anymore, so your Google Home app on your mobile device wont be able to recognize it.

    There is a solution for both, and this article provides a step-by-step guide to get you up and running again.

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    Connect Your Chromecast To Your Wi

    If you’re using a Chromecast in your home or office, the logical first step is to connect the device to your local Wi-Fi network.

    To connect your Chromecast to Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that the device you are using to set up your dongle is on the same Wi-Fi network as you ultimately want your Chromecast to be connected to.

    Note: You cannot set up a Chromecast from a computer.

    To make the connection, download the free Google Home app from your device’s app store. Within the app, navigate to Add > Set up device > New device and follow the on-screen instructions.

    I Have A Problem Connecting To My Chromecast Hotspot What Should I Do


    First, make sure to check the following:

  • Chromecast is powered on and plugged into a wall outlet.
  • The LED light on the side of the Google Home device is white.
  • You’re using the most recent version of the Google Home app from a supported iOS or Android device.
  • The Chromecast device is within 15 – 20 ft of the mobile device or tablet you’re using to set it up.
  • If you’ve checked off all of the steps above and you still can’t connect to the Chromecast hotspot, try one of the steps below and then try to connect.

    Step 1. Reboot your Chromecast

    • Unplug the Chromecast device from the power source and plug it back in

    Step 2. Force close and relaunch Google Home app

    From an IOS device:

    • Press the Home button two times quickly. You’ll see small previews of your recently used apps.
    • Swipe left to find the app you want to close.
    • Swipe up on the app’s preview to close it.

    From an Android device:

    • Launch the Recent Applications menu to see small previews of your recently used apps.
    • The Recent Apps button should be accessible at nearly any time along the bottom of the screen along with the other buttons on the virtual task bar.

    Step 3. Try to manually connecting to the Google Chromecast SSID from your phone or tablet’s Wi-Fi settings

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    How To Set Up Chromecast With Google TV

    This process is largely similar to the above, so we’ll only show the screens and images where they differ.

    1. Plug in the Chromecast with Google TV to a power outlet

    2. Plus in the Chromecast with Google TV to your TV’s HDMI port

    3. Hold the Back and Home buttons on the Chromecast remote, as instructed on screen

    4. Select your language

    5. Download and open the Google Home app from the or the Apple App Store

    6. Tap the Set up Chromecast button in the Google Home app.

    7. Choose a “home” where your Chromecast with Google TV will be used. This is basically how users split smart home tech across locations.

    8. Grant the Google Home app access to your device’s camera.

    9. Open your device’s camera app and scan the QR code on your TV.

    10. Agree to Google’s legal language twice.

    11. Choose the location of your Chromecast with Google TV.

    12. Name your Chromecast with Google TV if you want.

    13. Connect to a Wi-Fi network.

    14. Sign in with your Google Account, and you’re in the final stretch. What follows are a series of account management options, all done on your phone.

    15. Agree to share location and diagnostic data.

    16. Allow Google the ability to connect with your device’s apps.

    17. Enable or disable Voice Match.

    18. Link apps and services you use.

    19. Select Google Photos or Art for your Ambient mode. This is your screensaver.

    20. Opt in or out of emails from Google about hardware. Now, your Chromecast with Google TV will finish setting up! You’re done!

    Find New Content To Cast

    Theres a lot of great content to enjoy from your favorite Chromecast-enabled apps and we dont want you to miss a single great tune or podcast.

    Within the Google Home app, tapthe Discover tab to browse content and find new stuff thats available on your Chromecast-enabled apps you dont have installed yet. You can also see a list of all Chromecast-enabled apps and available content.

    For more information on developing for Chromecast, please visit our Chromecast Developer Help Center.

    Please note: Casting may also be enabled from your laptop on the websites of Chromecast-enabled apps. To learn more, visit . In order to cast from Chrome, please ensure you have the Cast button installed on your Chrome browser.

    If your home has two or more isolated networks available, your Android device may auto-switch between networks depending on signal strength. This could affect whether or not you see the Cast button in your applications.To avoid auto-switching, Android users can go to device WiFi settings and Forget ‘Network B’ to ensure that the Android device is connected to the same ‘Network A’ as the Chromecast or TV with Chromecast built-in. If you’re having trouble with a Chromecast-enabled app, please try our Chromecast Troubleshooting tips.

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    Connect Hdmi Cable To Laptop And TV

    The order you connect them in isn’t important: just make sure both ends of the cable are plugged in! If your laptop doesnt have an HDMI port, you’ll need an adapter or a cable with different end connectors. Newer Macbooks will need a USB-C to HDMI adapter that range between $15-20. Other less common connectors can usually be found with HDMI on one end and the other connection type on the other – such as Mini-HDMI or Mini DisplayPort for under $10 depending on length.

    How To Fix Issues With Chromecast

    How To Connect A Chromecast To A TV-EASY Tutorial
    • Quality of cost is poor Chromecast automatically detects the highest quality possible for streaming check the internet connection and HDMI cable plugin. Slow internet and loose HDMI cable may chance poor casting.
    • Casting can not be controlled Restart phone and Chromecast, reconnect them to get the control back. If the control is still not gained, consider changing the device.
    • No casting compatible app available The first check for Chromecast compatible app from your play store or software inventory then locate cast icon to check if that is enabled.
    • No connection to wifi- Restart wifi and Chromecast getting it closer to wifi so that it can catch the signal easily, update the software to make it easy.

    What did I miss? You can include them in the comment section below and get an instant reply.

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    How To Use Chromecast On Pc

    There are a few different ways to use a Chromecast with a PC. All the approaches involve using the Google Chrome web browser.

    To make your selection, open Chrome and go to More > Cast. A new window will appear it shows all the Chromecast devices on your network. Click on a device to select it. Select to choose whether to cast a tab, a file, or your desktop.

    If you either stream a single Chrome tab, or you choose to stream a file, you can continue using other Chrome tabs and the rest of your computer without affecting the casting and without revealing the contents of your screen to the people watching the casted output.

    The only requirement is that you leave Chrome open and running in the background, even if you’re working in other apps.

    In contrast, if you decide to cast your entire desktop, whatever is on your computer’s screen will also be shown on the casting destination. Before choosing this option, make sure you don’t have any sensitive information lying around on your computer that you do not wish to make public.

    Once again, you need to leave Chrome running for casting to continue.

    Note: Chromecast devices only work with Windows 7 or later.

    What Can You Do With Google Chromecast

    • You can use Google Chromecast to stream videos. It lets you stream videos you buy from Google Play Store likewise stream videos from top content providers such as Netflix, HBO, YouTube, ESPN, History, Amazon Video, Hulu, NBA, and many more.
    • Google Chromecast allows you to play music from several services such as Google Music, Boomplay, Pandora, Audiomack, Spotify, and many more.
    • Using Google Chromecast, you can mirror your entire screen to your TV. It would let you watch a video or read a document or showcase a presentation on your screen.

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    How To Connect Chromecast To Wi

    May 13, 2021 | , Guides, Wi-Fi

    Googles Chromecast is a great way to stream all your favorite shows and movies. It also allows you to play music and access any other apps with a Wi-Fi connection. To use your Chromecast, you will need to ensure that it always has a stable internet connection.

    Below, well go over how you can connect your Chromecast to Wi-Fi via the Google Home app. We will also review troubleshooting tips and explain how to change the Wi-Fi network as well.

    Before You Begin Casting

    How to Connect Chromecast to your TV
  • Connect your mobile device, tablet, or computer to a Wi-Fi network.
  • The mobile device, tablet or computer you are using to cast must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast or TV with Chromecast built-in. Note: To allow guests to cast without being on your Wi-Fi network, please read How to set up guest mode.
  • You must be running the latest version of the Chromecast-enabled app. You can always double check that you are on the latest version by visiting the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and checking for any app updates.
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    How To Use Chromecast On An iPhone

    Natively, iPhone owners can only cast content from their device to a Chromecast if the app they are using supports the functionality. There is no way to cast your entire screen unless you use a third-party app like Replica.

    If the app you’re using supports Chromecast, you will see a small button that looks like a TV screen somewhere on the app’s home screen or menu. Tap the icon to see a list of Chromecast devices on your network.

    How Do I Play Movies From My iPhone On Chromecast

    Cast movies & shows to a TV

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad and your Chromecast to the same wireless network.
  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Play Movies & TV app .
  • Tap Library. Movies or TV shows.
  • Choose a movie or show.
  • Tap Cast .
  • From the list, select your Chromecast.
  • On the Google Play Movies & TV app, tap Play.
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    How To Chromecast Amazon Prime

    Because Amazon Prime Video is a Chromecast-enabled app, the process for casting should be relatively simple.

    When you want to start casting, open the Prime Video app and tap the cast button. You will then be prompted to choose a device to cast to. Select your device and the cast button will change colour to let you know it successfully connected.

    You should then be able to watch any TV shows or films directly on your TV screen. To stop casting, tap the cast button to disconnect.

    Get Started With Google Home And Your Samsung TV

    How To Set up Chromecast – Google Chromecast Setup – How To Use Cast Connect to Wifi & TV

    In this article, we’ll tell you how to connect your Samsung television with Google Home. This is done via a Chromecast. We’ll help you set it up in 3 steps. Do you have a Samsung QLED TV from 2019 or newer? Scroll down to the last paragraph.

    Step 1: connect a Chromecast to your TVStep 2:link Chromecast to Google AssistantStep 3: control your Samsung television with your voice

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    How To Set Up Chromecast

    To get started, plug your Chromecast into your TVs HDMI input and the USB port on your TV. If there isnt a free USB port on your TV, go ahead and use the included power adapter to connect the device to an outlet. Next, change your TVs input channel to the one your Chromecast is connected to.

    Okay, before we can set things up, were going to need to do a few things on your phone:

  • Download the Google Home Android app from the or the Apple App Store.
  • Open the app, accept the terms, sign in to your Google account, and follow the instructions.
  • The main page should show up after the initial setup is complete.
  • Tap Add, then tap on Set up devices, and finally tap Set up new devices once you see your Chromecast appear.
  • Confirm which Google Account you want to use for your Chromecast.
  • Allow the app to use Location Services, and then tap OK.
  • The app should then start scanning for your plugged-in Chromecast. When it shows up on your app screen, tap on Next.
  • Just a few more steps involving the app and the TV are needed:

  • The TV should show a code to confirm the Chromecast is connected to your app. When it does, tap Yes.
  • You may be asked to send device stats and crash reports to Google. Tap Yes, Im in, if you want to, or No thanks if you dont.
  • Next, you can choose the room in your home where the Chromecast is located, or create your own name by tapping on Add custom room and typing out the room name.
  • Your Chromecast might get some software updates. Just wait.
  • Start With The TV And Chromecast Remote

    Note: Use the directional pad on the remote to navigate and select.

  • Power on your TV.
  • Plug your Chromecast into an available HDMI input on your TV or other display device.
  • Plug one end of the power adapter cable into your Chromecast and the other end into an open outlet.
  • Plug your Chromecast into an available HDMI input on your TV or other display device.
  • Switch your TV to the HDMI input your Chromecast is plugged into wait for the remote to pair.
  • In most cases, the remote will pair automatically. But if the TV screen shows Start pairing, press and hold the Back and Home buttons on the remote until the LED light on the remote starts to pulse.
  • Select the language you want to use.
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    How To Chromecast Sky Go

    Sky Go is the companys very own streaming service available for free to Sky TV subscribers. Depending on your subscription, this means you can watch up to 51 live channels including Sky Atlantic, MTV, Comedy Central and Sky Sports.

    However, there is often a lot of confusion around whether you can cast the Sky Go app via Chromecast. This is because the process varies depending on what country you are trying to cast in.

    While the latest version of the Sky Go app officially supports casting to Chromecast, the app is currently only available in New Zealand. Therefore, those in the UK are not currently able to cast the Sky Go app.

    There is one silver lining, which is that NOW TV is a Chromecast-compatible app in the UK. Depending on your NOW TV subscription, you should be able to access a lot of the Sky channels including multiple Sky Sports channels, Sky Atlantic and Sky Cinema.

    Can I Use A Chromecast Without Wi

    Chromecast vs. Built

    While you can use your Chromecast without a dedicated Wi-Fi connection you will still need an internet connection. Whether thats connection comes from a mobile hotspot or even an ethernet youll need to find some way to connect your Chromecast to the internet.

    Fortunately, we have an article here that shows you all of your options.

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    How To Connect Chromecast To New Wifi

    Im a huge fan of the Google Chromecast. Ive owned one since its launch and the Chromecast is a great way to stream online video from the internet. I recently upgraded my router so I could get my Chromecast to work with a new connection. I was able to connect the Chromecast from a new router, but my old connection had changed its Wifi name and password. After some research, I discovered there are a number of ways to connect the Chromecast to a new connection, and I would like to share a couple with you.

    If you want to connect your Chromecast to a new WiFi and you are not sure which way to go, then we will try to help you. We have discovered some ways to do so. So, let us look at the ways to connect your Chromecast to a new WiFi.

    Chromecast is a small and compact media-streaming device that isnt very costly. Its a simple media streaming device that allows you to stream videos, music and other media from your TV to your own personal devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets. This simple device is a great companion for newcomers to the world of media streaming devices, as it allows you to stream media from your PC or laptop to the TV youre watching.

    • Change of router
    • Move the Chromecast to a new location in your home with a new WiFi system

    Whatever the reason, its easy to switch your network to the Chromecast. Since the Chromecast cannot remember two WiFi networks at the same time, you will need to reboot the Chromecast to change the networks.

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