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How To Use Airplay On TV

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Using Airplay On Your Pc

How to Use Apply AirPlay on LG TV

You can use AirPlay on your Windows PC, but only for content on iTunes. To do that:

  • Open iTunes and start playing a video.
  • Select the device from which you want to watch.
  • You may be prompted to enter a code. If so, enter the code on your TV into the pop-up window on your PC.
  • You should now be watching your video on your TV.

In iTunes, the devices you can use AirPlay with will appear in the lower left-hand corner.

  • To stop AirPlay, click on the AirPlay button again and then select My Computer.

There is another way to cast video to your TV: by using screen mirroring to cast your entire screen to your TV. Well walk through those steps in an upcoming article.

How To Use Airplay Or Mirror Screen Without Wifi

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I had a few guests over at my place recently, and they wanted to show me a few photos and videos from a trip theyd gone on.

They noticed my TV and wanted to try using AirPlay.

I had a rather long and secure password for my Wi-Fi network that I wasnt very comfortable sharing.

So I hopped online for a quick bit of research and learned how to use AirPlay to mirror a screen without Wi-Fi.

To AirPlay without Wi-Fi, enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and select your AirPlay 2 Compatible TV from the AirPlay Status Menu in the top right corner of your Mac.

For your iOS device, select it from the AirPlay button in the Control Center. Input the code if asked.

Ive gone into detail about how to AirPlay off most devices in the Apple Ecosystem without Wi-Fi, how much data it uses, the advantages, and even how to troubleshoot it in their own corresponding sections.

Connect An iPhone Or iPad With An Hdmi Cable

The most straightforward way to connect an iOS device to a TV is using a wired connection. For an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with a Lightning connector, you can use Apples Lightning Digital AV adapter, which costs about $40. While cheaper third-party adapters are available, be aware that these will not support streaming video apps that use copy protection, such as Netflix.

Jared Newman / IDG

Apples official Lightning Digital AV Adapter is pricey, but itll let you mirror an iPhone or iPad on your TV with no hassles.

Setup is easy: Just plug the HDMI cable into your TV on one end and the adapter on the other, plug the Lightning cable into your iOS device, and set the TV to the appropriate input. You can also plug a charger into the adapters second Lightning port to keep your iOS devices battery from draining.

Most apps will simply mirror the iOS devices display onto the television, but video apps such as Amazon Prime and Netflix might offer persistent playback controls while the video plays on the TV.

Jared Newman / IDG

Some video apps, such as Netflix, provide handy media controls when the adapter is plugged into a television.

As for older iOS devices with 30-pin charging ports, Apple no longer sells its own 30-pin-to-HDMI adapter, but you can find third-party options, such as this model from JIMAT, on Amazon.

Apple no longer sells its Composite A/V cable that enabled you to connect iOS devices to older tube TVs.

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What Can I Use It For

Here are some things you can do with AirPlay:

  • Browse for something to watch on Netflix, iTunes, or another service on your iPhone and send it to your TV, using your iPhone to control playback. The TV will stream the content from the cloud.
  • Show photos and videos from your iPhone on the TV, controlling the presentation on your phone.
  • Play music on your TV and synchronize it to multiple AirPlay 2-compatible speakers elsewhere in your home.

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How To Airplay To A Samsung TV

How To Airplay From iPad To Smart TV

1. Turn on your TV and make sure it’s connected to the internet. See our guide on how to set up your set up your Samsung TV if you need help getting your set online.

2.Review your Samsung’s TV’s AirPlay settings. Go to Settings > General > Apple AirPlay Settings.

3. Turn AirPlay ‘On’ if it’s not already. Decide whether to require a pairing code every time you want to AirPlay from an Apple device, or just the first time you AirPlay from a given device.

Your Samsung TV is now ready for AirPlay. Make sure the TV is turned on when you’re ready to AirPlay. And keep in mind that AirPlay will disrupt whatever you’re currently watching.

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What TVs Will Support Airplay

Upcoming TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio will come with AirPlay 2 built in. Heres the full list of TVs, from Apples website:

  • LG NanoCell SM9X series
  • LG NanoCell SM8X series
  • LG UHD UM7X series
  • Samsung QLED Series
  • Samsung 8 Series
  • Samsung 7 Series
  • Samsung 6 Series
  • Samsung 5 Series
  • Samsung 4 Series
  • Sony Z9G Series
  • Sony X850G Series
  • Vizio P-Series Quantum
  • Vizio P-Series
  • Vizio M-Series
  • Vizio E-Series
  • Vizio D-series

Vizio has also announced plans to update 2016 4K UHD SmartCast TVs with AirPlay 2, although this isnt listed on Apples website:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have confirmed that all 2016 4K UHD SmartCast Displays will support the Apple integration. -A

VIZIO Support

Vizio told us that there will be a beta program in the US and Canada, where registered testers can receive this software update in Q1 2019. Following that, in Q2 2019, the update will be made available to everyone. If you have a Vizio TV that supports it, youll just turn on your TV one day and see a message saying it now supports AirPlay.

What You Need For Peer

Peer-to-Peer AirPlay does not function well with every TV and iOS device.

If youre on Apple TV, youll need the latest version of Apple TV 3 rev. A.

This model will have the code A1469 on the bottom.

Just tilt and inspect the bottom of your Apple TV if you arent aware of your model number.

You can also lookup your Apple TV model number by heading to Settings > General > About.

Your Apple TV 3 should also be running tvOS version 7.0 installed. This functionality is supported by all Apple TV 4 models.

You will also require an iOS device running a more recent version of iOS than iOS 8 or the 2012 Mac running OS X 10.10.

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Devices And Apps That Support Airplay

As we touched on above, AirPlay is a product of the Apple Universe and therefore supports all of its devices like Apple TVs and AirPlay 2-enabled smart TVs. Some smart TVs that are compatible with AirPlay 2 are LG, Samsung, Sony, and VIZIO.

In conjunction with HomeKit, you can utilize your personal assistant Siri with voice commands like, Siri, play On Melancholy Hill in the family room or Siri, can you start Once Upon a Timein the West in the game room. AirPlay also learns where you like to watch certain shows. In addition to media, you can also command Siri to control accessories and appliances like air conditioners and light switches.

Apples HomePod wireless speakers also sync up with AirPlay 2. That way, whether youre listening to your favorite playlist or podcast, itll move from your iPhone to your HomePod with a Siri command. There are plenty of other speaker brands out there that also integrate AirPlay 2, like Beats by Dr. Dre, Bluesound, Bose, Definitive Technology, Sonos, and more.

Part of what makes Roku so special is its Roku remote. Each product comes with its own specialized remote. The higher-end Roku products offer better remote features like voice controls. If youd like to learn more about the Roku remotes and all of their features, check out our review.

How To Airplay From Pc To Apple TV

How To: Use Apple Airplay with your Sony Android or Google TV

AirParrot 3 is an easy way to connect a PC to Apple TV. Theres no costly hardware involved, and theres no need to plug in a cable. Using AirPlay from a PC to Apple TV is quick and works great!

1. First, youll need to install AirParrot 3 on your PC.

A fully functional seven-day free trial is available before purchase. If you would like to purchase AirParrot 3, or if you are an existing AirParrot 3 user and would like to grab the latest free update, you can

Follow the on-screen instructions for installation, and once installed, launch the app.

2. Make sure your PC and your Apple TV are on the same network.

3. Open the AirParrot 3 menu.

The AirParrot 3 icon is near your system clock usually at the bottom right of your desktop.

4. Select your Apple TV from the list.

AirParrot will list all available destinations, including Chromecast, Reflector 4 and other Apple TVs on your network.

5. AirParrot 3 will now connect your PC to Apple TV.

Using AirPlay from PC to Apple TV is a robust solution. There are a number of features available with AirParrot 3. Stream media and mirror any connected display, specific applications such as Spotify, the Microsoft Office suite or calendars and much, much more.

AirParrot 3

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If Your Android TV Supports Chromecast

Most apps on iOS come with a built-in Chromecast feature that lets you stream content directly from your iPhone onto the TV. This is not to be mistaken with Screen Mirroring as the content is streamed directly onto the TV as Chromecast lets you use your iPhone for other things at the same time, even for controlling the content thats being played.

Since most modern Android TVs and even non-Android ones come enabled with Chromecast, you will be able to use the feature directly from a compatible app on your iPhone. Among the popular apps that you can use Chromecast with are Google Photos, Youtube, Netflix, Twitch, Discovery+, Google Home, HBO Now, Plex, and Stadia. You can check out this page for a complete list of apps that support Chromecast on iOS devices.

In order to start using Chromecast, you need to connect both your Android TV and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network.

If your Android TV supports Chromecast, you can start streaming content from your iPhone by opening the Chromecast-enabled app and tapping on the Cast icon .

If its the first time youre using Chromecast with this app, you will be asked to give the app access to find and connect to devices on your local network. In the prompt that appears, tap on Ok to give access to your local network.

Your iPhone will now connect to the selected TV and will start transferring content from the current app.

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How To Use Airplay On Roku

Roku produces the most popular streaming devices on the planet. If you have streaming apps or use a cable-alternative service, then youre probably no stranger to its devices. In fact, Roku offers a wide range of media players, so chances are youll find the ideal device to meet your specifications.

Did you know you could also mirror your apps from your computer, iPhone, or iPad directly to your Roku device? This means if you want to listen to Spotify from your TV, you can cast it using Roku AirPlay. AirPlays also perfect for sharing your personal photos and videos on the big screen. Mirroring your apps from your device to your Roku with AirPlay is relatively simple, but requires a brief workaround. But first, lets take a closer look at what AirPlay is and how to use it.

Try the Roku Streaming Stick+ to get the most out of your streaming experience .

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How To Mirror Your iPhone To Your TV Via Apple TV

Step 1: Swipe down from the top-right corner of your phone screen to see the iOS Control Center.

Step 2: Tap the Screen Mirroring button. In the following window, choose your target device, which in this case is Apple TV.

Step 3: Thats it your iPhones screen should now be displayed on your TV.

Pro tip: If you dont like how it looks when in a vertical orientation, simply turn your phone sideways and the image on your TV will do the same.

How To Play Videos And Pictures Via Airplay On TV

How to Use AirPlay to Stream Content to an Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV or an AirPlay 2 compatible TV, you can play videos and photos on the big screen through your iOS device.

  • On your iOS device, open the Photos app.
  • Open a video or a photo.
  • Tap on the arrow button on the bottom-left corner. Scroll down and tap on AirPlay.
  • Select your preferred AirPlay 2 device and start streaming on the big screen.

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What Is Airplay Mirroring On iPhone

AirPlay mirroring is the vast concept of sharing iPhone screens on TV which not only involves streaming content but also enables iPhone users to display everything in their phones to the large TV screen.

The AirPlay technology from Apple is an interesting feature that you can use to AirPlay wireless video and audio systems in your home. The best part about this technology is that you can even use the speakers to play music and enjoy video streaming. It can display all of your stuff from the My Phone screen on an HD TV.

Final Thoughts On Airplay

Using peer-to-peer AirPlay, its easy to link your iOS device to your TV.

Easily give a presentation at your workplace or on a customer visit by wirelessly connecting your iOS device to your TV.

You can also throw up a film for the children on a road trip by linking your TV and iOS device to your cars screen.

There are, still, certain drawbacks. Peer-to-peer AirPlay does not work for YouTube streams, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime.

Everything else will operate just fine even if you do not have an internet connection

But the best part is that Peer-to-Peer functions with any material that is already saved on your Mac or iOS device, such as downloaded files, photographs, presentations, or songs.

So download and transfer material before entering Peer-to-Peer AirPlay for a smooth viewing experience.

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How To Use Airplay On Hp Laptop

You can mirror the information from your Windows 10 desktop or laptop by clicking on the Settings icon in the Start Menu. The application should now be open. System, then Display Settings, are the next steps. You can view multiple displays by scrolling down. You can connect to a wireless display by clicking Connect. Once your device appears, wait a few seconds. To connect, click the link.

How To Stream To Your TV Using Airplay

How To AirPlay Apple tv – Answered: How Do I Use AirPlay Mirroring

With AirPlay support, Samsung customers can stream videos, photos, music, podcasts, and more from Apple devices to select Samsung Smart TVs and Smart Monitors.

The AirPlay feature is available on specific Samsung TVs and monitors produced from 2018. You can find the full list of compatible devices on the Apple website.

You can also check if your device is compatible in the settings menu.

Navigate to Settings, select General, if there is an option for Apple AirPlay Settings then your device is compatible. If there is no option for AirPlay, then your device is not supported.

Using AirPlay you can easily stream photos and videos captured on your device to you your Samsung TV. Before starting, make sure that your TV and Apple device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Open the appSelect the or video that you want to shareTap the icon at the bottom left of the screenTap the AirPlay iconTap the TV that you want to stream to

Please note: if a code appears on the TV screen, you will need to enter it on your device to connect

Once your Samsung and Apple device are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection, you can easily play all your favourite songs through your TV or monitor speakers.

Make sure that your Apple device and Samsung device are connected to the same Wi-Fi networkOpen the music player on your device and choose a songTap the AirPlay icon at the bottom of the screenTap the device that you want to stream toOpen the Settings menu on your TVSelect General

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How To Use Airplay To Stream From An iPad To A TV

1. Make sure that your iPad is connected to the same WiFi network as the AirPlay-compatible device you want to stream to.

2. Start the app with the content that you want to stream, such as the Photos or YouTube app.

3. Tap the AirPlay button. Usually, you’ll find this by tapping the icon first, but you might need to explore a bit there’s no single standard place that all developers put the AirPlay button.

4. In the dropdown menu, choose the AirPlay-compatible device you want to stream to.

5. If requested, enter the code that appears on the TV or other device onto your iPad.

6. The video should appear on the screen you’re streaming to.

7. To end your AirPlay session, tap the AirPlay or button and choose Turn off AirPlay.

What Kind Of Things Can I Do With Airplay

Streaming audio and video is pretty vague language, so here are some specific examples of exactly what you can do with AirPlay:

  • Watching Netflix: When watching a movie or TV show on the Netflix app on your iOS device, you can AirPlay the audio and video to your TV via an Apple TV set-top box.
  • Getting better sound for YouTube: When watching a video on the YouTube app, you can AirPlay just the audio to a set of wireless speakers for a much more immersive experience than listening to the built-in speaker on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Surfing together: Lets say youre planning a road trip with friends. Instead of a big group of people huddling around a 13-inch laptop to look at a map, you can mirror the entire screen using AirPlay to a 65-inch TV via an Apple TV .
  • Multiroom party: Open your Apple Music or Spotify app and pick your favorite playlist. AirPlay that music to every wireless speaker in your house, without any annoying delays and echoes.

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