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How To Get Apple TV For Free

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How To Cancel Apple TV+ Subscription

How to Sign Up for Apple TV Plus for Free

If you dont like the Apple TV Plus channels or dont want to pay for the monthly subscription, make sure you cancel your membership in time. The 7-day free trial automatically renews into a paid subscription so you have to be prepared. Ideally, set a reminder for the payment due date or even a day before. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to unsubscribe on your device.

To cancel Apple TV+ membership on Mac:

  • Open App Store on Mac

  • If youre not signed in, youll be prompted to enter your Apple ID password

  • Select View Information > Manage next to Subscriptions

  • Find Apple TV+ on the list and click Edit > Cancel Subscription.

  • To cancel Apple TV+ subscription on iPhone or iPad:

  • Access App Store on your mobile device

  • Select Subscriptions > Apple TV+

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Cancel Free Trial.

  • To unsubscribe on Apple TV:

  • Highlight and select Settings with your remote

  • Navigate to Users & Accounts and select your account

  • Select Apple TV+ > Cancel Subscription.

  • How To Get Apple TV Plus For Free With The Purchase Of A New Apple Device Ps5 Or T

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    Apple TV Plus houses a solid library of exclusive content, including must-see series like “Ted Lasso” and “The Morning Show.” The streaming service costs an affordable $5 a month but there are a few extended trial offers you might be able to take advantage of before shelling out any money.

    Newcomers to Apple TV Plus who have bought a new Apple device can snag three free months of the service. New iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Macs, or Apple TVs capable of running the latest Apple software qualify for the freebie. It’s a great way to break in your new tech by watching some Apple TV Plus originals.

    Alternatively, Playstation 5 owners can tap into six free months of the service. Both new and existing subscribers are eligible for this one they just need to redeem the deal through their PS5 before July 2022.

    Below, we broke down how to get each deal so you can snag the offer that’s right for you.

    How To Get A Free Apple TV+ Trial

    The three-month free trial for Apple TV+ is available to anyone who purchases a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac from Apple or an authorized Apple retailer. The Apple Watch isn’t included.

    Once you set up your device, you will have 90 days to redeem the free offer. Just to note, you won’t be able to redeem the offer if you’ve previously used any type of trial for Apple TV+.

    Make sure you’re signed into the device with your Apple ID. Also confirm that the device has the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, or macOS installed.

    Next up, head to the Apple TV app on your device. If it’s not already installed, download Apple TV for free from the App Store.

    You should immediately see a dialog asking if you want to redeem the offer.

    And there are other ways to receive a free trial of Apple TV+ not through Apple. For example, if you have an eligible LG TV, you can claim a three-month free trial through the TV manufacturer.

    Wireless carrier T-Mobile is also offering Magenta and Magenta MAX subscribers one year of Apple TV+ for free.

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    Three Months Free Trial With Apple Device Purchase

    The second method is perfect for people who were already planning to buy an iPhone. Anyone who purchased or plans to purchase certain hardware products can get three months of Apple TV Plus for nothing. This offer covers the purchase of new iPhones, iPads, the iPod Touch, and Apple TV boxes. You can also get this offer when you buy new Mac laptop or desktop PCs.

    In order to get this offer, you have to sign up for your Apple TV Plus account within three months of purchasing your device. You have to have a credit or debit card on file. Also, you have to sign up for the three month free trial on your new Apple hardware device. You will be charged after the three months ends if you dont cancel the account.

    You may remember that Apple used to offer a full year of Apple TV Plus for free with the purchase of a hardware product. However, that deal has since been discontinued.

    How Do I Sign Up

    How to get Apple TV+ Free

    Apple TV Plus is associated with Apple ID, which is the same log-in you’d use for iCloud or downloading apps from its App Store. If you don’t already have an Apple ID, you can create one here.

    If you already have Apple’s TV app on an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, you simply need to open the app and navigate to any of the places where Apple is prominently promoting its original shows. On newly purchased iPhones, for example, the app already knows you’ve purchased a new gadget to qualify for the deal. Whether you’re starting Apple TV Plus with a year free or just the standard one-week trial, the shows start playing in the app after a few taps.

    You can also sign up and watch online with a web browser at the Apple TV Plus site.

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    The timing of this strange broadcast weekend is probably a bit annoying for Tigers fans because, well, the team is *finally* starting to play better and were *finally* getting to see an opponent other than the Twins and Guardians.

    Heres how fans can catch all three games of the series:

    How To Watch Apple TV+ From Anywhere

    Apple TV plus is not available in all regions, so if youre on a trip you might not be able to watch it. Also, streaming services like Apple TV+ could be banned when youre using a school/company network. To unblock Apple TV plus and watch it from anywhere, you can use a VPN.

    A reminder: we dont recommend using any free VPNs as they can be highly risky and also slow your connection down. Here are some good VPNs for streaming videos :

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    Buy Apple Devices With Promo Codes

    Although Apple has a strict no-discount strategy, you can still get Apple products cheaper. Back to school and Black Friday are the two yearly promotions where you can get the best discounts and sometimes freebies on an Apple order. There are also limited-time offers, but they run out pretty fast, sometimes even before you hear the news.

    We recommend using Coupert to stay informed so you wont miss out any! Its a free browser extension that gives you auto coupons and deals information. Just and install the extension, then youre good to go! Itll pop out an alert when coupons are available for the site youre on, automatically test the coupons and tell you the best discount.

    Six Months For Free For Playstation 5 Owners

    How to Get Apple TV for Free with T-Mobile

    If you own a Sony PlayStation 5 game console, you can snap up six months of Apple TV Plus for free. Both new and current Apple TV Plus users can take advantage of this offer (unless you signed up for the service via an Apple One bundle.

    If you own a PS5, just go to the Apple TV app, or download and install it if you havent already. Then just open the app and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need both an Apple ID and a PlayStation account to get this six-month free offer. The promotion will end on July 22, 2022, and is available in 60 markets, including the US.

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    Log Out Of Your Account And Restart Your Device

    Log out of your account on all your Apple devices, and then turn them off. Wait for 30 seconds to completely reset your connection to Apples servers. Then, log back into your Apple account on the device you want to activate the free trial of Apple TV. Check if you can activate the offer, and then log back into your account on all your devices.

    If the issue persists, contact Apple Support and ask the support agents to look into the details of your account and Family Sharing group settings.

    Boost The Quality Of Apple TV+ Streaming

    Hopefully, these workarounds will help you take a few Apple TV Plus shows into your routine. They are worth it! To enjoy the experience to the fullest, you might need a few extra tools though. Weve picked two Mac apps that take your binge-watching to a new level both available with Setapp. Make sure you check them out if you want to create a full-scale movie theater at your home. This might totally save your quarantine, by the way.

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    How Do I Sign Up For The Apple TV+ Free Trial

    Signing up for the Apple TV+ Free Trial is pretty straightforward. Heres how you do it:

  • Visit the Apple website and navigate to the TV+ page
  • Press the Try it free button below the Free 7-day trial option
  • Click on Start Your Free Trial and press continue on the pop-up window that appears
  • Sign in with your Apple ID or create a new one
  • Confirm your billing information, add a valid payment method, and submit
  • Complete the steps, and you can start using your seven-day Apple TV+ free trial.

    The Cheapest Way To Get Apple TV Plus For Free

    How Does Apple TV Work?  An Overview

    Apple is giving away one year of the streaming service with the purchase of a new device. These are your rock-bottom options.

    Rick Broida

    Senior Editor

    Rick Broida is the author of numerous books and thousands of reviews, features and blog posts. He writes CNET’s popular Cheapskate blog and co-hosts Protocol 1: A Travelers Podcast . He lives in Michigan, where he previously owned two escape rooms .

    If you thought the recent Disney Plus deal was good, get a load of this: Apple is offering a free year of its new Apple TV Plus streaming service with the purchase of a new — or refurbished — iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac or iPod Touch . As we now know, Apple TV Plus will cost $4.99 a month, so this is a $60 freebie. That kind of largesse is pretty rare coming from Apple.

    Why the generosity? Because even at $5 per month, the company is probably going to have a hard time attracting subscribers to its nascent service. Unlike Disney Plus, which will debut in November with an embarrassment of movie and TV riches, Apple TV Plus currently has just nine titles lined up. All originals, all pretty high-profile, but still.

    The least expensive devices in Apple’s eligible-device lineup are the Apple TV and iPod Touch, followed by the iPad. And the cheapest deals on these items are typically found in the Refurbished section of Apple’s online store. As you may know, this section is home to a wide range of refurbished products, many of which are quite literally good as new .

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    What Does Apple TV Offer

    Apple TV Plus has admittedly not been as popular as Netflix and HBO Max, but its slowly redeeming itself to become a reliable place to turn to for entertainment. If you compare its catalog to other streaming services, there is less content to watch.

    However, many Apple Originals have been met with acclaim from critics and viewers alike, and Apple is constantly adding new shows to its library.

    The most well-known example is Ted Lasso. The Morning Show is another classic Apple Original, with a star-studded cast featuring Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Billy Crudup from the show has even won a Primetime Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a drama.

    Other notable Apple Originals are:

    • Central Park, a musical series
    • Dickinson, an award-winning comedy
    • For All Mankind, a sci-fi drama

    As for movies, Apple TV+ has its fair share of hits, including:

    • CODA
    • The Velvet Underground

    Apple TV Plus Free Trial: How Long And How Do I Get It

    Anyone new to Apple TV Plus can make the most of a 7-day free trial before being charged the Apple TV Plus cost of $4.99 a month . To sign-up youll need to:

  • Open the Apple TV app on your Apple device
  • Alternatively, access the website via your web browser
  • Sign-in with your Apple ID and Password
  • If required, confirm your billing information
  • Then click Confirm to start your free trial
  • If the service doesnt grab you, remember to cancel before the 7-day trial ends to avoid being charged. Otherwise, payment will continue to be taken each month.

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    Apple TV Plus For Free With Apple Music Student Subscription

    This may be the best free offer, but its only for a limited audience. Apple Music has a student subscription tier for qualified attendees of degree-granting universities and colleges. Its just $4.99 a month, which is half off the normal $9.99 a month Apple Music subscription. However, Apple quietly announced the Apple Music student subscription will now come with Apple TV Plus for free.

    Apple Music for students is available to college attendees in the US, Canada, and Japan. Once you are qualified as being eligible, you can get this lower price for up to 48 months. This bundle of Apple Music and Apple TV Plus will only be available for a limited time. That means you may need to jump on this deal ASAP .

    How Do I Stream Apple TV Plus

    How to get 1 Year FREE Subscription to Apple TV

    All Apple TV Plus programing is available in the Apple TV app for the service’s subscribers. Apple TV Plus is $5 a month, and a subscription unlocks the full catalog of its original programming, without any additional fees.

    But unlike Netflix and other subscription streaming services, Apple TV Plus doesn’t have its own dedicated app. Apple TV Plus programming resides inside Apple’s TV app, which overall serves as a hub to watch programming from other video subscriptions, and to rent or buy movies and shows a la carte. That can be a little confusing, but the TV app has a tab dedicated just to Apple TV Plus originals, so you can find them all in one place without other stuff that requires separate payments.

    Apple’s TV app is available on:

    • Apple devices that can stream video including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV streaming boxes, iPod Touch and Macs
    • Roku

    Apple TV Plus is also available to watch on the web at tv.apple.com.

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    One Year For Free With T

    T-Mobile has announced that all new and current subscribers to their Magenta and Magenta Max plans can now get one year of Apple TV Plus. The carrier will send you a promo code that you can use in the Apple TV app to get the free year of the service. You will have to register for the code before June 30, 2022, and the codes will expire after July 31, 2022. After the free year, users will see a $4.99 a month charge until they decide to cancel the service. This is just for US users.

    Thats all the methods we have for getting Apple TV Plus for nothing. If you have any other ways to get the service for free, let us know in the comments!

    Is All Apple’s Content Family

    Apple is targeting a broad audience. Apple has reportedly stated that it will avoid content with nudity, raw language, and violence.

    The company even shelved Vital Signs, an autobiographical show about hip hop artist Dr. Dre, as Apple CEO Tim Cook was said to be “troubled” by its use of guns, sex, and drugs.

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    How To Get 6 Months Of Apple TV Plus For Free

  • Sign in to your PlayStation Network account on a PlayStation 5 console.
  • Download the Apple TV app on your PS5.
  • Follow the on-screen directions.
  • Create an Apple ID to use with the app, or sign in with your existing Apple ID.
  • Once claimed, you’ll get six months of Apple TV Plus for free.
  • The PS5 promotion is good for new and existing Apple TV Plus members who claim the deal by July 2022. Current subscribers to the Apple One bundle can not take advantage of this offer. Apple TV Plus will automatically renew for $5 a month after your trial ends unless you cancel.

  • Log in to your T-Mobile App or My.T-Mobile.com account.
  • Via the app, find and click on the “Get Apple TV+ on us for one year” banner.
  • Through the website navigate to your account and plan.
  • Redeem your offer, and receive your free year.
  • Eligible Sprint users can also opt in to receive a free year of Apple TV Plus. Here’s how:

  • Enter your Sprint phone number to view eligibility and your account.
  • Enter the promo code 2021APPLETVP1.
  • Follow the direct link to redeem your offer.
  • In both cases, the plan auto-renews for $5 a month after your year is up, but you can cancel anytime. The offer can also be combined with the free three-month trial with new Apple devices just make sure to redeem both to your Apple TV Plus account.

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