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What Does It Mean To Stream On TV

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How To Prepare For Live Streaming

Beginners Guide to Streaming: What is Streaming? (Pt. 1)

Since its live streaming, you might think its totally impromptu and you can hit that go live button without a plan. But all those popular streamers you watch arent just improvising not even the gamers. If you want your live streaming to be a regular hobby or a revenue-generating venture, then you need to prepare.

  • Plan: If you want people to watch your stream, you have to go live at the right time. Use this guide to figure out how to schedule your live stream to fit your audience.
  • Find your niche: What will your live stream be about? Live streaming has a lot of popular niches already, and you could easily fit your content into one of them. Gaming, music, sports, IRL, and e-commerce are just a few general topics. You can pick a sub-topic to narrow your content down further.
  • Define your audience: It might be difficult to know what to stream about if you arent sure who your audience is. Maybe youve decided you want to live stream yourself watching paint dry. Thats definitely a niche topic, but who would watch it? If you cant define your audience, you cant create good content.
  • Set goals: Its hard to measure success if you dont set goals. Choosing your goals isnt always intuitive, especially if youre in unfamiliar territory. One great example for new streamers is aiming to broadcast at the same time every week and eventually increasing your broadcast frequency. Learn how to set goals as a live streamer in 2021 with this guide.
  • Watching A Stream Of Unlicensed Movies TV And Sporting Events Is Legal

    Any discussion of the legality of streaming in the U.S. begins with the Copyright Act of 1976. This grants copyright holders exclusive rights to make copies of their work, distribute it and perform it publicly.

    And watching a stream even if its unauthorized by the copyright holder doesnt technically violate these rights. There have been numerous challenges and interpretations as copyright law has adapted to the internet, but this reading has essentially held true.

    The new PLSA law will not affect the activities of ordinary internet users. Nor would it criminalize good faith business/licensing disputes or noncommercial activities. This means that individual internet streamers cannot be subject to felony prosecution under the PLSA, for example by incorporating unauthorized content in a YouTube or Twitch stream. The normal practices of internet service providers would also not be subject to penalties under the PLSA, even when ISP users/subscribers misuse their services for purposes of infringement, according to the Copyright Alliance.

    I think the best interpretation of copyright law is that its not illegal to watch unlicensed content, Gibson said. The person whos merely watching a stream should incur no copyright liability from that act alone.

    Streaming Vs Broadcasting: What’s The Difference

    Broadcasting typically refers to a single base station that uses radio waves to send out a signal that is captured by receivers tuned to that signal. Every receiver gets the same information at the same time. That is why you have to consult a schedule to learn at what time a given show is available. In other words, a single source distributes to multiple outlets at a single time.

    In contrast, streaming refers to a single source sending content to a single destination over a digital connection . This same information can also be sent to other destinations even if they request that the content starts at a different time. As a result, multiple destinations can access the content on their own schedule.

    A typical cable television service provides both distribution types. Scheduled programming, such as news shows or live sports events, are broadcast to many homes at the same time you can choose to watch them when the shows are available. Many cable services also allow you to record a show, so you can watch the Kansas City Royals game later, at your convenience the content is streamed to your television when you request to play it.

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    Can I Use My Smart TV With Amazon Alexa Or Google Home

    The biggest trend in smart home technology is the smart speaker, a speaker with built in microphone and hardware to run a voice-enabled assistant. Amazon made the first big splash here with the and other Alexa-enabled devices, but Google’s own Google Assistant has made strides in products like the . And Apple’s HomePod puts Siri into a similar form factor.

    The great news is that these devices will usually work with most smart TVs, and compatibility is improving all the time as new software updates add capability to existing smart TVs. As it stands, all of the major TV manufacturers have smart speaker compatibility with at least one of the three main smart assistant platforms . These options often require using an additional device, such as a smart speaker or mobile device, but it will give you a way to control your TV and smart devices with the convenience of simple speech.

    Many of the smart TVs on the market now have these voice assistants built in. Google Assistant can be found in Android TVs from Sony and Hisense. Amazon Alexa is now offered Amazon Fire Edition TVs as well, and Sony has announced compatibility with a new Amazon Alexa app for Android TV. Even better, smart TVs from LG and Samsung now have both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built in.

    Method : Screen Mirroring

    What is the meaning of a Smart TV and what can it do for me? Apps ...

    Screen mirroring is the faster option, so well cover that first. Bear in mind, though, that if youre going to be streaming stuff from your computer or mobile device on a regular basis, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort in the long run by setting up a media server. Scroll down for more information on how to do that.

    There are three main types of screen mirroring protocols, and youll need different hardware and software depending on what you want to use. Each of these explanations assumes that you have already plugged the necessary receiver into your TV and have gone through any requisite setup procedures.

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    How You Can Help Your Child Stay Safe While Live Streaming

    There are some practical steps you can take to help keep your child safe if they are using an app or website with a live streaming function.

    Talk to them. The best way you can protect your child is to talk to them. Not just once, but have ongoing conversations as part of your family life. Having these discussions little and often is more effective than one big chat.

    Talking to your child about the positive aspects of being online and not just the risks will help your child to talk more openly about their internet use, including anything that worries them.

    Use devices in public spaces. As young people grow up, they often seek more privacy and autonomy in both their offline and online world. Younger children should be closely supervised by an adult and live streaming should not take place in a private space, like the bedroom or bathroom.

    Practice and prepare. Advise them to practice and prepare before they go live. This will minimise the risk of errors, or off-script activity.

    Privacy and safety settings. Go through the privacy and safety settings with your child. With younger children make sure only trusted friends and family they know offline can view their online profiles and videos.

    Talk to them about how to report directly to social media platforms or CEOP if they’re concerned about contact from an adult.

    Don’t Have Any Streaming Devices

    Good. This is actually easier, because you have a wide variety of devices from which to choose.

    You could buy a Blu-ray player to replace your old DVD player and be all set. Blu-ray players from Sony, Samsung, LG and others also function as streaming devices. Check on the box to make sure the player streams the services you want, and choose one with Wi-Fi if youre opting for that. Price: generally $100 or less.

    The Roku 2 is one of the devices cord-cutters use to stream shows to their TV sets.

    If you want to add a stand-alone streaming device, the most versatile is the Roku, which was introduced in 2008 to stream Netflix. Now in its third generation, Roku promises more than 2,000 channels, including all the biggies and smaller ones like Acorn TV, which isnt available on every player.

    Roku is small, just palm-size, but its still another box. You could choose a streaming stick, which plugs into your TV set. A stick may also be good for streaming when you travel. Roku has a streaming stick , and has a voice-activated remote. Amazon Fire TV also comes as a separate box .

    Apple users can consider Apple TV , which puts Siri on its remote and works with iTunes, in addition to sending content from your Apple device to your TV. But Apple TV isnt compatible with rival Amazon. Googles Chromecast is the cheapest option for a stick, but it works differently, casting anything you play via Google Chrome on your computer to your TV screen.

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    How To Buy The Perfect Sound Bar And Not Waste Money On Useless Features

    In case you didnt know, streaming movies also support surround sound! Surround sound formats like 5.1, 7.1 or Dolby Atmos will give you that cinematic and immersive sound experience right in your living room. Unfortunately, flatscreen TVs, with their small speakers, cant give you that. Youll need an external speaker setup like a sound bar.

    How Ott Is Delivered

    Netflix Quick Guide: What Is Streaming And Why Is It Better? | Netflix

    The accessibility of OTT content is one of the many reasons its so popular. To stream OTT, customers only require a high speed internet connection and a connected device that supports apps or browsers.

    Mobile OTT Devices: Smartphones and tablets are able to download OTT apps to stream on-the go.

    Personal Computers: Consumers can access OTT content from desktop-based apps or web browsers.

    Smart TVs: The most common examples include Roku, Apple TV, Firestick and more. Game consoles, like PlayStation, also often support OTT apps.

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    A Streaming Device Or Smart TV

    If you already have a great 4K TV, you might want to go the streaming device route. Chances are, though, that your 4K TV already has a smart TV built in, but possibly not all the streaming apps you need.

    But if you want a device that has everything, like an Apple TV, it might be worth the investment. Just plug it into your existing television.

    Streaming devices

    • Apple TV: An Apple TV has Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, iTunes, HBO Max, YouTube, Disney+, Sling, and more. And when a new app comes out, it will be available in the app store for you to download to the homepage of your Apple TV device.
    • Roku Streaming Stick: This device works with Alexa and has apps such as Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, STARZ, SHOWTIME, NBC, ESPN, Disney NOW, and HGTV.
    • : Even though its one of the least expensive options, the Fire TV has most of the apps youll need. Watch Disney+, Prime Video, HBO, Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and more.
    • Xbox One: Get two in one with this game console. Play your favorite video games and also stream Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and more.

    Smart TVs

    If youre looking for a cheaper option, check out our best 4K TVs under $400.

    Live Streaming Presents New Problems

    With live video streaming on platforms like Facebook Live or Twitch, the information that youre receiving on your computer is happening in real-time . So as you can imagine, a live streamer needs to be able to upload content as fast as you can download content.

    As a livestreamer is recording their video, every millisecond of that video is broken down into tiny little files. These tiny files are compressed and organized by an encoder, they fly across the internet, and your computer downloads them bit by bit. Since the files are encoded, your computer can put them together in a comprehensible video, and there shouldnt be much lag between you and the streaming source.

    Popular live streaming services like Twitch and Youtube utilize a global network of servers to reduce lag and to improve video streaming quality. But all live streamed videos are at the mercy of a livestreamers internet connection. As you can imagine, livestreamers cant use OCAs. Luckily, the development of fast home internet connections, like Google Fiber, has made live streaming possible, and the implementation of 5G home internet connections will take the quality of live streams a bit further.

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    How Do Smart TVs Connect To The Internet

    A smart TV uses your home network to provide streaming video and services on your TV, and smart TVs use wired Ethernet and built-in Wi-Fi to stay connected. Most current TVs support 802.11ac Wi-Fi, but watch for older models, which may still use the older 802.11n standard. Some of the latest models will also support the new Wi-Fi 6 standard , but it’s still pretty rare.

    We have a guide to optimizing your home Wi-Fi for streaming, whether it’s adjusting your router placement, tweaking settings or just opting for a wired connection.

    If your smart TV isn’t getting a strong enough wireless signal, there are a few ways to remedy the problem. If you’re due for an upgrade, any model on our best Wi-Fi routers list will do the trick, even the budget-friendly models.

    Mesh routers that extend coverage throughout a home provide another option, and are a great choice for homes where there are multiple TVs, and not all of them near your main router. The Nest WiFi and Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 are two such models that, in our tests, have proved to be excellent solutions for people trying to cover a large home with Wi-Fi.

    Wi-Fi range extenders are also available from companies such as Netgear, but these devices require some time and patience to set up and install.

    Not To Leave Out Satellite TV:

    TiVo talks streaming apps, Android hardware, and a potential live TV ...

    Data as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

    Worth noting: Both cable and satellite providers will raise their monthly rates after one or two years of service while youre still under contract . Streaming TV providers rates also tend to go up year-over-year, but youre free to drop those services at any time .

    Winner on cost: Streaming

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    History Of Video Streaming

    It was not until the late 1980s that consumer PCs had enough power to display streamed media. Up until this time, nonstreaming methods such as CD-ROMs were used.

    1988: The base for the first practical video coding format, the discrete cosine transform algorithm, was developed for image and video compression.

    1990: The first commercial Ethernet switch was developed by Kalpana, which was later purchased by Cisco Systems. This switch helped to create the first video streaming software.

    1992: The first commercial video streaming product, called StarWorks, was released. It was developed for enterprise Ethernet networks and enabled MPEG-1 videos to be streamed.

    1993: The Trojan Room coffee pot became the first livestreamed content with a webcam initially put on the internet in 1991, this live picture of a coffee pot let others in the Computer Lab at the University of Cambridge in England know when the coffee machine was empty. This began the livestreaming of more and more virtual events.

    Also, in 1993, the band Severe Tire Damage performed the first-ever music livestream. The band was made up of various engineers and computer scientists who decided to livestream their music.

    1995: RealNetworks developed a media player capable of livestreaming a baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners. That same year, Microsoft developed the media player, ActiveMovie, which was the precursor to Windows Media Player 6.4.

    Popular video streaming services today include:

    Difference Between Streaming And Live Streaming

    Categorized under Entertainment,internet,Technology | Difference Between Streaming and Live Streaming

    Just like cinema and radio were once ousted by the television as the primary medium of mass communication and entertainment, streaming has transformed the World Wide Web in the present digital era we live in. Today, audio and video are considered the most natural means to communicate, as opposed to conventional text-based standards. Streaming has been considered by many as an alternate delivery channel to conventional television and radio. Before going any further, lets get one thing out of the way: what is streaming? The term streaming can be used to refer to many things that can lead to misunderstandings about what streaming really is. You often hear the words streaming, live streaming these days. But ever wonder what they actually are and how they are driving the digital media revolution?

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    Are There Any Downsides To Streaming

    While streaming is very convenient and popular these days, there are a few downsides to keep in mind.

    If you lack a fast, stable internet connection and/or sufficient bandwidth, youll find streaming quite difficult. Your media may pause or stutter while it attempts to finish buffering, which wont make for a very nice viewing or listening experience.

    Also, depending on the streaming service youre using, the quality may be inconsistent. If your internet is going in and out, you may find that a TV show starts and stops, looks blurry, or the picture and sound get out of sync. If youre used to high-quality Blu-Rays, youll notice a drop in quality. As long as you have good internet, streaming should work well.

    But with so many streaming services offering their own proprietary content, you can rack up costs pretty quickly with multiple concurrent subscriptions. You may also feel concerned about online tracking, data collection, and the amount of personal information you leak that can be picked up by companies interested in knowing your listening and watching preferences.

    Streaming services have also come under fire from artists who claim that the platforms make it harder for them to get appropriately compensated for their work. Tidal, the music streaming platform owned by Jay-Z, is one service attempting to give artists a fairer share of the proceeds.

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