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What Is Amazon Prime TV

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Documentaries On Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime TV On Pace To Surpass Cable TV Households | CNBC

Amazon has been cranking out original documentaries over the years examples include Generation Wealth, Time, One Child Nation, and Gimme Danger. For pure entertainment, check out Hamilton: One Shot to Broadway and The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, which chronicles the life and times of an eccentric West Virginia family.

All In: The Fight for Democracy is a documentary about voter suppression, while Citizenfour covers NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Lower-budget documentaries about spirituality and non-traditional medicine, such as Food as Medicine, round out its library.

Amazon Prime Video Channels: All The TV Channels You Can Add To Your Prime Account

Cut the cable cord and add TV channels through your Amazon Prime account instead. Here’s everything to know.

Cutting the cable TV cord can be overwhelming. There are so many new names and streaming services, so many places to get TV shows and movies, and so many pricing options that figuring out which one’s right for you is like an endless game of whack-a-mole. , included with your Amazon Prime membership subscription, is one such option. Best known for its original series such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Expanse, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and the upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel, it’s also home to thousands of hours of TV shows and movies that you can stream immediately, similar to Netflix.

If that selection of video isn’t enough, Amazon lets you add what it calls Channels for additional monthly fees. They range from well-known names like Starz, Showtime, Discovery Plus, Paramount Plus and MLB.TV to specialty services such as BritBox and Sundance Now to PBS subscriptions, including PBS Kids and PBS Masterpiece.

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So is adding any of them worthwhile? How do they compare with stand-alone options like HBO Max? How does the selection compare with Roku and Apple TV channels? Where do other services like Netflix or Disney Plus fit in? Let’s break it down.

What Everyday Users Think

Amazon might not be the most popular company these days , but Amazon Prime Video remains a popular service. We polled our users in early 2020 asking them which streaming service is their number one choice, and the results can be seen below.

If you could only pick one, which streaming service would you choose?

Netflix, unsurprisingly, captured the majority at 63.92% of the vote, with Amazon Prime Video in a distant second at 13.32%. Still, its an impressive showing for Prime Video, which is far above other major streaming services like Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO Now . Check out the full analysis here.

It might not sound like a glowing review, but you have to keep in mind that the question is only about users first choice. It doesnt take into account second or third choices, and given Netflixs domination over the field this would open up things considerably.

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Can I Watch Live TV On Amazon Prime Video Channels

Yes, but the selection is limited.

Typical live “channels” in the cable TV sense, like ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, Fox and the rest, are not available as Prime Video Channels. To watch those you’ll need to subscribe to cable or a live TV streaming service like YouTube TV or Sling TV, which starts at $35 per month.

Amazon does offer a “live guide,” however, that includes TV shows and movies arranged in a channel grid form. Some are free, no subscription required, and some are unlocked when you subscribe to a channel. The Fixer Upper Channel, for example, is available in the live guide when you subscribe to the Discovery Plus Prime Video Channel.

Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Day 2019: The best Prime Day Fire TV deals

An Amazon Prime Video subscription includes hundreds of movies to stream right away, and usually, they have full subtitles and multi-language support. Check out the best options currently on the platform in the US below.

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Even if you dont find something to watch, there are thousands of more movies available to rent or buy and stream right away. This actually gives it a much larger effective catalog than its competitors.

Below weve listed a few Amazon Prime Video Original movies to give you an idea of whats on the platform no matter where you live.

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Other Prime Member Bonuses

  • Amazon Elements: Access to products, Amazon’s own line of everyday essentials.
  • Membership Sharing: Two adults living in the same household can create an Amazon Household to share certain Amazon Prime benefits. For more information, go to .

Q.: Do I get exclusive access to deals?

A.: Yes. Amazon frequently makes deals available for for Prime members only. Similarly, a few years ago when Amazon restocked its Nintendo Switch inventory, the console was only available for Prime members. This may be a sign of things to come where Amazon becomes more like Costco or Walmart, requiring membership before you can shop.

Likewise, Amazon’s Elements line of products are only available to Prime members. The product line ranges from baby wipes to vitamins. The idea is that Amazon goes the extra mile of telling you exactly where the product came from. .

It’s worth noting that if you opt for free, no-rush shipping , you can earn money toward music, video and e-book purchases. Also, if a Prime-eligible package arrives after the two-day shipping guarantee and you reach out to customer service, Amazon may extend your Prime membership by a month.


Q.: How much does Amazon Prime cost?

A.: Now that you know what is Amazon Prime it’s time to look at the costs. The membership fee for Amazon Prime is $119 per year or $12.99 per month. The first 30 days of the annual subscription are free, and you can cancel anytime.

Q.: Can I give Amazon Prime as a gift?

Q.: What is Prime Day?



Best Prime Video Shows: 20 Great Series For Us Viewers

Looking for the best Prime Video shows? You’re in luck. This list is regularly updated with the biggest, best, and newest TV series around on Amazon’s streaming platform. So you’ll always be able to come back and find something new worth watching.

The latest entry in our best Prime Video shows list is Undone, a criminally underrated animated comedy-drama from the creators of BoJack Horseman. Undone’s second season has just landed on Prime Video, so there’s never been a better time to stream this compelling, time-travel focused series.

“But what if Undone doesn’t really appeal to me?” we hear you cry. Fear not, dear reader, for you’ll find another 19 of the best Prime Video shows presented below. From Amazon Originals like The Boys and Reacher, to third-party content including Dexter, you’ll find something worthy of your time. We’ve tried to encompass as many genres as possible to ensure that there’s a show for you, too.

All caught up? Great. Here are the 20 best Prime Video shows to stream as of April 29, 2022.

Get the best price on Amazon Prime now

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The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Miriam Midge Maisel is the protagonist of this Amazon Original series. Midge enjoys the idyllic life in the 1950s in New York. Her husband is a businessman who is attempting to make a name for himself as a stand-up comic. However, he is not particularly effective in this endeavor. He reveals to his wife that he had an affair after one of the shows didnt come out as well as he had hoped. He leaves Midge before she can react. She goes to the café where her husband used to work, gets wasted, and then shouts on stage about her difficulties. But she doesnt go about it in a pitiful manner. This act convinces her that she has a talent for comedy, and she resolves to pursue it with her newly discovered talent.

Apple TV Plus Vs Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Review (2019)

Apples entry into the streaming industry comes on the back of its dedicated streaming device, Apple TV. The subscription streaming service, called Apple TV Plus, is one of the most affordable options on the market at just $5 a month.You can even get a year for free when purchasing many Apple products.

Plus, nearly every piece of content on the platform is exclusive. You wont find any reruns of 90s sitcoms, but you will find well-produced shows and movies like See, The Morning Show, Mythic Quest, and more. Check out some of our favorite Apple TV Plus shows here.

Get started now by clicking the button below, or learn more about how to get Apple TV Plus for free here.

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No Longer Usable With Chromecast Multiple Other Issues

Since the last update, the Prime Video app no longer gives the option to cast to the television with any device other than Apple TV. Fortunately, I have one, but the problem doesnt end there. The app for Apple TV is buggy, freezing every 5 minutes or suddenly jumping backward to an earlier scene and causing the subtitles to go out of sync. AirPlay from the iPhone seemed like a way around this, but it is restricted for some content without a valid explanation ). As a result, Im suddenly unable to use Prime, which WAS my favorite streaming service, reliably with my television. None of the usual remedies, such as reinstalling the app or resetting the modem, have had any effect on this issue, either with regard to the function of the Apple TV app or the availability of ChromeCast or AirPlay. If this obstacle cannot be surmounted somehow, I will have little choice other than to cancel my subscription.

Is Amazon Prime Worth It

If you buy frequently from Amazon and want free, fast delivery paying extra for Prime is worth considering.

Guaranteed quick delivery can be especially useful if you live in a rural area.

If youre an ardent movie fan and boxset binger, it is definitely worth signing up to a free trial to see whats on offer.

Prime Video streams many original, quality TV series and films alongside a choice of established and popular TV & movies that you wont find on other streaming sites.

Avid readers will also enjoy the free access to books offered by Prime Reading and the Kindle Lending Library.

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What Do You Get With Amazon Prime: Faster Delivery

When you order any of Amazon’s millions of products, youll get several unlimited free options for delivery as a Prime member. These include one-day, priority, standard, expedited and same-day delivery.

There are a few conditions, though. Products have to be specifically marked as eligible for one-day, priority, express and same-day delivery for you to receive those products within that timeframe, and non-Prime members must pay a fee starting at £4.99 to benefit from some of these delivery options, which you can use an unlimited amount of times.

Type of delivery

One-day delivery: Item will be delivered one day after it is dispatched. This is the default option for Prime members and is only available in eligible postcodes.

Same-daydelivery: Item will be delivered the same day you place an order if it’s before the deadline listed next to the product. This option is only available in eligible postcodes.

Priority delivery: Item will be delivered two days after it is dispatched.

Expedited delivery: Item will be delivered one to three days after ordered. This option is only available in eligible postcodes.

Standard delivery: Item will be delivered within two to five business days.

Can Students Get A Discount On Amazon Prime Or Prime Video

amazon prime video tv samsung shikakutoru info SHIKAKUTORU.INFO” alt=”Amazon prime video tv samsung > SHIKAKUTORU.INFO”>

Yes, Amazon offers Prime Student for higher education students in Ireland at a discounted rate of around 4.44 euro per month or 43 per year.

If you want to trial it first, Amazon is offering a generous Prime Student six-month free trial to students living in the Republic of Ireland. You will need to provide evidence of enrolment and a valid academic address to sign up.

Try Amazon Prime Student with a 6 month free trial

Then enjoy Prime Video, free delivery & exclusive deals with Prime at £3.99 per month

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Does Amazon Prime Include Prime Video

Gone are the days of the Netflix monopoly on the TV show and movie streaming industries and even on engaging original content. Amazons Prime Video ranks highly on the list of popular streaming services that you now have the option to use. When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, youll automatically get a free subscription to Prime Video. There, youll find an impressive number of movies and TV shows that are currently available to watch for free.

Be aware that, while many selections are viewable at no charge for Prime members, there are others that still require you to rent, which costs a few dollars. That said, the free choices are clearly marked, so all you have to do is look for the Prime tag on each selections title card. You can also filter the page display to show only those titles that are free with Prime. In addition, you can subscribe to add-on channels like Showtime for a monthly fee.

Grocery Deliveries And Discounts

Amazon Prime members also enjoy several helpful discounts and delivery options on groceries. If youre a fan of Whole Foods, you can use your Prime Membership to score an extra 10% off every time you visit that store for groceries. In certain locations, you can also have your Whole Foods groceries delivered for free.

is another great perk that Prime members who live in certain areas can enjoy. While its a relatively new service thats still expanding, Fresh currently provides free online grocery delivery on orders over $35 to residents of many larger cities around the country.

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What Does Amazon Prime Include In Ireland

If you are thinking about signing up to Amazon Prime, the membership offers a raft of extra benefits alongside the movie and TV streaming service:

  • Free, unlimited priority delivery to the Republic of Ireland
  • Free Kindle books & magazines from Prime Reading
  • Borrow one book per month from Kindle Owners Lending Library
  • Free, unlimited photo storage on Prime Photos
  • Prime Early Access to lightning deals & special offers
  • Prime exclusive deals only available to Prime members
  • Free next day delivery to all UK addresses

Amazon Prime Music is not available for Irish Prime members but new customers can subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited separately for a 3 months free trial.

What Shows Can I Watch

Amazon Prime Video is FINALLY on Apple TV!

When it launched in 2019, IMDb TV was mainly a vehicle for old movies and TV shows like Bewitched and The Beverly Hillbillies, later branching out into originals, with Judy Justice, the latest iteration in the Judge Judy franchise Alex Rider and Time Wasters. In the past two years, IMDb TV has beefed up its content lineup, striking several content deals to bring its subscribers popular programming. In 2019 it picked up NBCUniversals Chicago Fire and Friday Night Lights and in 2020, a deal with The Walt Disney Co. brought shows like Lost, Malcolm in The Middle, Desperate Housewives, and My So-Called Life to the lineup.

With the name change to Freevee, Amazon said it plans to expand the original content on the service by 70% this year. Its most high-profile original — Bosch: Legacy — a spinoff of the Amazon Prime Video stalwart Bosch, is set to debut on May 6. Other new shows include home-design series Sprung, a new comedy series from My Name Is Earl, Raising Hope and The Guest Book creator Greg Garcia and High School, a drama/comedy based on the New York Times bestselling memoir from indie recording artists Tegan and Sara Quin.

Also in the Freevee lineup are movies like Bride Wars, 50 Shades of Grey, A League of Their Own and classic TV shows from the 50s , 60s 70s 80s and 2000s to name just a few. In addition, Freevee has access to past cable hits Mad Men, Lie to Me Duck Dynasty and Anthony Bourdain: A Cooks Tour.

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What Top Channels Does Amazon Prime Video Have

Unlike many live TV streaming providers that offer channels like ESPN, TBS, and TNT as part of the package, Amazon Prime Video channels are offered for an additional monthly rate on top of the basic subscription rate. This allows subscribers to only pay for the channels they plan on viewing.

Amazon Prime Video offers more than 100 channels in this manner. This includes A& E Crime Central, BBC Select, BET+, Boomerang, Motortrend, NBA TV, NBA League Pass, PBS Documentaries, PBS Kids, PBS Living, PGA Tour Live, Tastemade, and more.

How To Watch Amazon Freevee

ByMichael Balderstonpublished 29 April 22

The free, ad-supported streaming platform offers both classic TV shows and movies, as well as original content.

What was once IMDb TV has been rebranded as Amazon Freevee. But does a new name change how viewers can watch the free, ad-supported streaming service?

offers plenty of recent and classic TV shows and movies, as well as an expanding slate of original programming, including Bosch: Legacy, Leverage: Redemption and an all new series featuring Judge Judy.

With the streaming market featuring a lot to choose from, some consumers are opening up to free services with an occasional ad break like Freevee than ponying up more money for another subscription. So how can you start watching Freevee right now?

Here’s what you need to know about how to watch Amazon Freevee.

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